Transitional Kitchen Remodel Project in Queens, NY

Transitional Kitchen Remodel Project in Queens, NY

Our designers worked with a client from Queens, NY to transform their kitchen into a showstopping, transitional looking space. More functional and more beautiful, their kitchen is now exactly what they've been imagining for their home. The client…
kitchen and bath remodeling ideas that pay off

Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Ideas That Pay Off

Kitchen and bath remodeling projects are two of the best, sure-fire investments you can make in your home. They are the big, most important rooms that can show off your style and bring up the value of your home significantly. New home builders…
modern kitchen cabinets

Modern Kitchen Cabinets: Ideas That Will Make You Swoon

Modern kitchen cabinets -- simple, clean, unencumbered -- give any cooking space a fresh and chic appeal. If you enjoy sleek lines, polished surfaces, and classy, up-to-date looks, we've got some ideas for your kitchen that will make you swoon.…
modern bathroom vanities

Modern Bathroom Vanities Ideas For Your Remodel

We've gathered the best modern bathroom vanities ideas for your bathroom remodel. Being on the top of many wishlists, a vanity can make or break your bathroom design. Besides functional priorities like having enough storage, the right placement,…
Top Kitchen Trends 2020 That Will Transform Your Kitchen

Top Kitchen Trends 2020 That Will Transform Your Kitchen

Kitchen trends 2020 bring a variety of colors, fixtures, and finishes that will be huge and take the central focus in many kitchens. Although pursuing kitchen trends may seem like an ephemeral quest, most of these styles outlast their time in…
Porcelain or Ceramic Tile

Porcelain or Ceramic Tile: Best Kitchen Backsplash Materials Explained

Porcelain or ceramic tile -- what should I choose for my new kitchen backsplash? The dilemma of choosing between porcelain and ceramic tile when remodeling a kitchen is common among the homeowners. Both ceramic and porcelain tiles feature…
kitchen cabinet design

Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas for Your Forever Home

Kitchen cabinet design can go far beyond plain, old look of cabinets from the '80s and '90s you may be used to seeing. Various finishes, colors, and decorative elements, as well as hardware, can spice up their look and the overall effect they…
Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Kitchen Cabinet Colors for a Transforming & Exciting New Look

Kitchen cabinet colors are probably the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about kitchen remodel. Changing the color of your cabinets may even be the most exciting part of your project. ''How to change the color of my kitchen cabinets''…
Travertine Tile Buyer's Guide

Travertine Tile Buyer’s Guide

Travertine tile is a great choice for kitchen and bathroom floors and walls. Durable, beautiful, easy to clean, reliable, and cost-effective, travertine tile is suitable for kitchens and bathrooms of all sizes and styles -- from modern to traditional…
Kitchen Trends 2019

Top 20 Hot Kitchen Trends 2019

Kitchen Trends 2019 bring us some new styles that will dominate kitchens but also many time-tested finishes and hand-selected, personalized decorative options that will be all the rage in 2019. Functionality becomes more and more important.…