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Bathroom Vanities in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and surrounding Areas for your Homes, Kitchens and Baths.

Vanities are available in a variety of styles fitting a wide range of decorating themes. Homeowners can buy a standard vanity base or have a customized vanity made to match a unique space perfectly. Purchasers may be able to buy an all in one set, vanity base, sink, faucet and counter top, but usually the pieces will need to be purchased separately.

List of product in store for Vanities

The Vanity Base

Vanity Bases come in a number of basic styles, some with shelves and doors, some with drawers and open shelves. The options also include single sink vanities or double sink vanities. The homeowner who is traditional may select an antique looking vanity with ornate detail, while the more modern homeowner could choose a contemporary vanity with clean lines. You can find vanities in several materials, solid wood, engineered wood, laminate and glass. Laminated surfaces can be made to imitate any material including stone and marble. Your choice of material should be complementary to the total look you’re attempting to create. Always consider the other elements needed to complete your bathroom vanity, especially consider the countertop, sink and faucet.

Vanity Sizes

Most vanities stand 34.5 to 35 inches tall. For a taller vanity you will need to have it custom made. A single vanity will measure about 21.5 to 22 inches deep and be approximately 24 inches at the narrowest to 49 inches at the widest. A double vanity will be the same depth as the single vanity, but the width could range from 60 to 73 inches or more depending on the space and whether the unit is custom made or not. These dimensions will determine how much the counter tops will cost if you’re using an expensive stone countertop.

Vanity Tops

Granite, soapstone, slate, glass, quartz composite, acrylic, concrete, ceramic tile and wood make up the majority of bathroom vanity countertop materials. Of the natural stones, granite must be treated with an impregnating sealer to resist staining, especially in a bathroom setting. This seal will last from 10 to 15 years. Porous soapstone must be sealed with mineral oil. Slate is the least difficult requiring no seal because of its nonporous nature. Of the countertop materials, natural stone is the most expensive with granite being the costliest buy at $75-$250 a square foot. The least expensive is soapstone ranging from $100-$150 per square foot. Finish off the vanity with the perfect style of sink and faucet.

Vanity Sinks

Sinks can be purchased in a variety of different shapes from rectangular, round, oval to square. They can be attached to the vanity base differently. Some sinks are under mount sinks. There are also drop-in sinks that are in line with the surface of the vanity and vessel sinks made to sit on top of the base. Pedestal sinks have stands and may have extended surfaces to rest a soap dish or other items. There is the single or double bowl attached sink that is a part of the countertop and the last type is the wall mounted sink. This sink is ideal for a very small space that’s not large enough for a vanity.

By combining all these details, you can design the ideal vanity for any bathroom no matter what the space or the décor. From old-world to new age, you can create a look that works for you. Design the vanity with your space and budget in mind and always keep in mind your storage needs when making your selection.