Gray Kitchen Cabinets Selection You Will Love

Gray kitchen cabinets are getting more and more popular among many homeowners, designers, and contractors in the US. Rather than choosing an all-white cabinets design, wood color, or darker shades, many opt for the subtle neutrality of gray as one of the best colors for kitchen cabinets and countertops. Everything works — light gray cabinets, dark gray cabinets, as well as combinations of gray and white kitchen cabinets designs. Gray kitchen countertop and cabinet combinations are modern and timeless at the same time.

Home Art Tile Kitchen & Bath presents you with many beautiful different types of gray cabinets for sale. Continue reading to find modern gray painted cabinets from the most trusted and most popular brands like Fabuwood Cabinets, CNC, and Forevermark. Learn where to find them for your Manhattan, Queens, or Brooklyn kitchen design and how to choose the right finish and shade for your kitchen remodel project. Regardless of your preferences and style, continue reading about why are gray stained kitchen cabinets a safe and stylish choice for all kitchen interiors.

Why are Gray Cabinets so Popular

A modern kitchen with gray cabinets gives you freedom and inspiration to create the most stylish kitchen countertop and cabinet combinations. Gray cabinetry is so versatile and works perfectly in almost all kitchen settings, spaces, and layouts. Depending on the amount of light coming into your kitchen space, you can opt for light or dark gray cabinet door paint, gray and white shaker cabinets, gray green kitchen cabinets, gray white kitchen cabinets, gray brown kitchen cabinets, gray owl kitchen cabinets, or gray washed kitchen cabinets. Everything works in a modern kitchen that is designed and styled in a smart and stylish way.

Have you been wondering what color cabinets look good with a dark countertop? We’d say — light gray! If you love contrasts, gray and white kitchen cabinets are always a winning combination. Dark gray cabinets with white countertops combination is another sophisticated way to achieve powerful contrast. Light gray kitchen cabinets with black countertops will leave a similar sense of elegance and cutting-edge style. Nothing stops you to pair light gray cabinets with white countertops or dark gray cabinets with black countertops. It is just a matter of what you prefer and how dark or light you want to go. With gray cabinet paint, anything goes. And it’s so easy to create an ultra-modern gray kitchen.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets Trends 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Kitchen cabinets gray stain style by Forevermark Cabinetry

Although some consider gray a gloomy, boring, and sad color, new gray kitchen cabinet designs strongly deny those statements and convictions from the past. The truth is, gray is an emotional color. It inspires cheerful and bright spaces, as well as elegant and classy kitchen interior designs. Above all, the best gray kitchen cabinet color will inspire balance, stability, and compromise.

If you are wondering what kitchen cabinet color is most popular currently, the answer is obvious — gray. In case you want a modern gray kitchen, a relaxing and classy space with subtle touches of neutrality and warmth of gray kitchen decor, browse through our most popular gray kitchen cabinet designs and later learn how to pick the right one for you, as well as what cabinet –countertop — hardware combination is the best for you.

Modern Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchens with gray cabinets are timeless because of their versatility, openness for styling, ease of pairing with other kitchen cabinet colors, and neutral effect. It is so simple to enjoy kitchen gray cabinets because of the overall effect they have on the interior — calmness, smoothness, and understated elegance. They also easily match different kinds, types, and designs of kitchen countertops, where the cabinets can play the perfect backdrop for focus countertops or come into the first plan with neutral countertops. With the right modern design, gray cabinets can play both sides — focus and backdrop, always providing you with what you need.

Gray on cabinets will always look and feel modern, especially on the shaker and flat cabinet door styles. However, there are ways to enhance and make sure that your gray kitchen stays on the modern side no matter what — never stop gathering and getting inspired by modern kitchen cabinet ideas.

  • Enhance gray with other colors — don’t let gray wash over your kitchen, rather mix it with other cabinet colors to make its beauty come into the first plan. White is always a good idea for this. Consider a mix of gray and white throughout the kitchen. This combination will give any kitchen a modern, contemporary look.
  • Combine neutral with bold accents — gray is not only a forgiving but a welcoming color that allows for bold accent colors and details to take your kitchen design to the next level and help you create a contemporary kitchen with classic sophistication. Use gray in the cabinets to tie and balance other elements or highlight powerful elements in your kitchen, creating drama that is a big yes in any modern kitchen.
  • Choose the perfect gray tone depending on the size of your kitchen — modern kitchens are well balanced and, depending on their size, they will incorporate the color and tone that matches other characteristics. Be assured that the size of your cabinets will affect the look of your gray cabinet combo. If your kitchen space is small and has less natural light, light gray color will make your kitchen look good, less cramped, and feel bigger. In case your kitchen is spacious and bathed in natural light, you are free to choose between light and dark cabinetry. In that case, don’t be afraid to add some bold and stylish hardware to the combination to give your gray kitchen a highly modern look.

Dark Gray for High-End Look

Dark gray cabinets are widely used in modern and contemporary kitchen decor. Use dark gray kitchen cabinet door styles to create an impact, a statement, and a visual contrast. Dark gray cabinets look beautiful with white and any other bright color. However, maybe the most interesting designs are born when you combine the elegance and mystery of dark gray with some bold color accents like yellow or green. If you want to warm up the decor, use wood color accents. Gray wood cabinets won’t overwhelm you if your kitchen is not all dark gray. Use dark gray in your kitchen as an accent color and highlight only those kitchen elements you want.

The dark gray color option on kitchen cabinets is not for the faint of heart, though. If you prefer neutral color palettes and like the space around you to feel light and airy, be sure to look elsewhere, for light gray color options. However, if you’re looking for an accent, dark gray cabinets are sure to create a powerful impact. If it occurs to you that your dark gray cabinets are too dark, let us assure you that even the darkest of gray cabinets can work perfectly in a kitchen. Although your kitchen may seem darker and moody, it’s a fact that it will give out the French cottage look and feel, especially if combined with brass and gold details. This kind of kitchen will be nothing short of a dream with traditional kitchen cabinets in gray color.

Here are some of the most popular and best-selling modern dark gray kitchen cabinets in our Queens NY kitchen cabinet store. Take a good look and just imagine all the possibilities with modern dark and moody gray cabinets before you. Here you will find your best modern gray kitchen color for that perfect, gorgeous dark gray design you’re planning to accomplish with your new kitchen remodel.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets Trends 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath
Galaxy Cobblestone Fabuwood classic kitchen

Galaxy Cobblestone Dark Gray Kitchen

Galaxy Cobblestone dark gray kitchen design comes from Fabuwood’s Allure Galaxy Series. This is the transitional kitchen cabinet line with a polished look. If you wish to achieve an interior with simple elegance and contemporary feel, Galaxy Cobblestone may be your best option.

Galaxy Cobblestone kitchen cabinet door style by Fabuwood features smooth finishes. This attribute creates a polished look with an irresistible modern and contemporary flair. For all those who crave a minimalistic look in their kitchen and need durability in the years to come, Galaxy Cobblestone by Fabuwood stands like one of the best options.

These grey wood cabinets don’t feature only great looks but also an exceptional construction. Full overlay door with mortise and tenon construction, solid wood door frames with ⅜” MDF center panel, and compact Blumotion (model #39C355B.20) soft-close mechanism integrated in concealed six-way adjustable hinges – these are just some of the many advantages of these cabinets.

Check out Galaxy Cobblestone Cabinets.

Onyx Cobblestone

These transitional kitchen cabinets are perfect for all clean and simple but profound contemporary spaces. They came from the famous Fabuwood Allure kitchen cabinet collection.

The Allure Onyx series features three kitchen cabinet styles: Onyx Cobblestone, Onyx Frost, and Onyx Horizon. While both Frost and Horizon cabinets provide brighter, flat tones, Onyx Cobblestone cabinets feature deep, dark, and classy gray finish.

Onyx Cobblestone dark gray cabinets by Fabuwood simulate wood cabinets in a clean and modern style. Manufacturers claim that these cabinets will take on the character of surrounding elements. Feel free to choose them for your design if you like well-balanced and subtly elegant interiors. The design of Onyx Cobblestone Fabuwood cabinets also has a multicolored grain that guarantees to give interest to any kitchen.

When choosing Onyx Cobblestone dark gray cabinets, you are also choosing an exceptional quality of construction and finishes that provide long-term durability.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets Trends 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath
Onyx Cobblestone Fabuwood Dark Gray Cabinets
Gray Kitchen Cabinets Trends 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath
Greystone Shaker Style Cabinets

Greystone Shaker Cabinet Style

We strongly recommend Greystone shaker cabinets in dark gray color by Forevermark if you want to give your kitchen a dramatic, contemporary twist.

The lovely dark gray color of these timeless shaker cabinets proves that neutral gray cabinets are never boring like some would assume. Greystone Shaker cabinets by Forevermark feature a modern and simple style that successfully creates shiny contrasts. Classic shaker lines and wood texture provide widely popular rustic look.

Dark gray cabinets elevated to the next level with Greystone Shaker kitchen cabinets. Their superior Sherwin-Williams® waterborne UV finish with low VOCs and incredible scratch resistance guarantees an elegant and sophisticated look that lasts.

Explore Greystone Shaker Cabinets.

Midtown Gray Shaker Cabinets Design

Midtown Gray shaker kitchen cabinets are considered a darker version of gray cabinetry trend. They belong to Forevermark’s Town cabinetry series.

This kitchen cabinet series features a timeless, classic design with subtle detailing. Simple yet elegant, these dark gray cabinets carry a quality construction – full extension soft closing doors and dovetail drawer boxes. Be sure that they will last for years to come.

If you choose Midtown Gray cabinets, class and contrast in your kitchen are guaranteed. Recessed panels feature clean and sophisticated details, as well as superior Waterborne UV finish by Sherwin-Williams®  and  Euculyptus Grandis hardwood.

Midtown Gray cabinets are perfect to combine them with some lighter cabinet options for a two-tone kitchen design.

Check out Midtown Grey Cabinets.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets Trends 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath
Midtown Gray Kitchen Cabinets Design by Forevermark
Gray Kitchen Cabinets Trends 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath
Milan Shale Dark Gray Kitchen Cabinets by Cubitac

Milan Shale Dark Gray Cabinetry

Milan Shale Kitchen Cabinets come from Cubitac’s Prestige kitchen cabinet series. They are one of the perfect choices if you love a dark gray color in a kitchen but also don’t want to give up wood texture and tones.

An elegant and simple design with abundant wood tones and textures creates a unique kitchen decor experience. Anchor your kitchen design with these classic-looking gray cabinets.

Great for traditional and rustic kitchen settings, Milan Shale dark gray cabinets provide a natural feel in a kitchen. Natural materials and lustrous finishes will create a beautiful contrast to lighter decorative elements.

These dark gray cabinets come with superior construction. It includes door frame, vertically striped hardwood veneer on 3/4” MDF slab with 1/4” solid wood edge, drawer front vertically striped hardwood veneer on 3/4” MDF slab with 1/4” solid wood edge. Hardware – concealed 6-way adjustable soft-close hinge, full extension soft close under mount tracks, full overlay, drawer box 5/8”, and dovetail solid wood drawer box.

Check out Milan Shale Cabinets.

Light Gray for Bright Spaces

Light gray cabinets are the first and best option for homeowners who love bright spaces but don’t prefer all-white interiors. While all-white kitchen designs can be too light and shiny, sometimes even cold, light gray cabinet decor blends both dark and bright to achieve the understated elegant look.

Light gray cabinets work beautifully to create a cool industrial kitchen style and warm, welcoming kitchens. Choose decorative elements like textiles, hardware, art, and lighting to power up the look of light gray kitchen cabinets that basically create a simple kitchen design. These details will add an edge to the overall kitchen design.

The right shade of light gray cabinets will work perfectly as the main color for the kitchen. It also pairs beautifully with white and looks great on white backgrounds. This color combination will enable an elegant and smooth transition from light gray to white or vice versa. Light gray cabinets are perfect for a kitchen with gray countertops. Maybe it is your best gray cabinet color.

Despite what you may have heard, grey is not a dull, bland, and boring color to use in your kitchen. Instead, light grey kitchen cabinets can be the height of sophistication if you use them correctly. Grey is a versatile color that works well with both rustic and modern styles. It’s the perfect backdrop for a farmhouse kitchen.

So, if you’re looking for a color finish that is refreshing but still calm and soothing for your kitchen, you’ll find that by choosing light gray cabinets you hit a jackpot! It is so easy to combine light gray with white details like white quartz countertops and white subway tile backsplash, for example, which creates a wonderful and relaxing combo. Add stainless steel appliances to this combination, and you get an ultimately modern light gray kitchen enhanced by white and silver shine. This fabulous look can be completed with modern, cutting-edge, minimalistic cabinet hardware; black hardware would create a subtle contrast that would only emphasize the beauty of light finishes in your kitchen.

Whether you’re looking to create a modern and minimalistic design or a traditional, country kitchen, a light gray kitchen will enable you to do that in the most sophisticated way possible.

Continue browsing to see our best-selling light gray cabinets. You’ll find these kitchens with gray cabinets highly sophisticated and perfect examples of how your kitchen may look with a reasonable, standard budget.

Galaxy Horizon Light Gray Cabinets

Galaxy Horizon comes from Allure Galaxy kitchen cabinet collection by Fabuwood. These light gray cabinets feature a stained, clean, and bright gray hue. This characteristic is well known for its capability in creating crisp, clean, fresh, bright, and gentle atmosphere.

If you like modern and edgy vibe while keeping the classic, timeless design, these light gray cabinets will make your wish come true. Gray is one of the essential colors in Fabuwood kitchen cabinet collections. This is why it is no wonder such beautiful kitchen comes from their selection.

Fabuwood Galaxy horizon gray cabinets have a natural wood veneer finished interior. You can upgrade it with various high sheen finishes if you wish.

They come with full overlay door with mortise and tenon construction, solid wood door frames with ⅜” MDF center panel, and Compact Blumotion soft-close mechanism. Drawers consist of 5-piece recessed panel drawer fronts. This is a ⅝” solid birch drawer box with dovetail construction. Boxes feature dovetail construction ½” select birch plywood and ¾” adjustable shelves edge-banded in the wood veneer natural finish. Base cabinet has 18” deep shelves.

Check out Galaxy Horizon cabinets.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets Trends 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath
Galaxy Horizon Light Gray Kitchen Cabinets by Fabuwood
Gray Kitchen Cabinets Trends 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath
Imperio Nickel Light Gray Fabuwood Cabinetry

Imperio Nickel Light Gray Cabinets

These light gray cabinets from Fabuwood present the perfect balance between simple, clean minimalist style, and contemporary trends inspired by sophistication and chicness.

The Allure Imperio kitchen cabinet line is the newest Fabuwood collection. Nickel, as well as the other cabinet type — Dove — features natural birch wood designed in a clean and modern style.

However, Imperio Nickel gray cabinets will take on the character of surrounding elements. Depending on what you combine them with, they can create soft and gentle surroundings and well as modern and edgy. You can emphasize the gray in them or minimize it. If you combine them with white and other gray elements, you will get that open and contemporary look everyone craves.

Nova Light Gray Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Nova Light Gray Shaker kitchen cabinets come from Forevermark’s Town cabinet series. They combine a classic kitchen cabinet design with subtle detailing. You will love the color of these beautiful cabinets, as well as their dovetail drawer boxes, full extension soft closing drawers, and soft closing doors. They are beautiful and functional, what more can you ask for?

Nova Light Gray Shaker cabinets will pair wonderfully with any layout or color scheme. They are so adaptable that you can use them in any kitchen setting, traditional and modern equally.

These light gray cabinets feature full overlay door style – 3/4″, solid Eucalyptus face-frame, 1/2″ Grade-A plywood boxes, and 3/4″ Grade-A plywood shelves. Recessed square solid Eucalyptus door frames come with Eucalyptus door center, solid birch dovetail construction drawers, and Sherwin-Williams GreenSure finish. Undermount, full extension drawer glides come with a soft closing feature and fully concealed 6-way adjustable door hinges. The finished door comes with a matching cabinet interior and sides, wood corner brackets, and wood I-Beam construction.

Check out Nova Light Grey Shaker cabinets.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets Trends 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath
Nova Light Gray Shaker Kitchen Cabinets by Forevermark
Gray Kitchen Cabinets Trends 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath
Matrix Silver Light Gray Kitchen Cabinets by CNC

Matrix Silver Light Gray Cabinets

Matrix Silver gray cabinetry by CNC focuses on richness in style, depth, and colors. Long lifespan, beautiful look, and quality construction are the main qualities of Matrix Silver.

This is CNC’s classic kitchen cabinet series that comes in three more colors. Silver is the most modern and edgy of them all.

These light gray cabinets have 3/4” vinyl laminated plywood and frameless box construction. The solid wood dovetailed drawers are outfitted with under-mount drawer glides, full-extension, and the soft-close feature. Dowel and glue-clamped assembly construction, the six-way adjustable soft-close hinges, and 3/4” adjustable plywood shelves provide a durable and long-lasting framework for your dream kitchen.

Check out Matrix Silver cabinets.

Milano High Gloss Slate Light Gray Cabinets

Milano High Gloss Slate kitchen cabinets by CNC feature ultimately trendy flat panel slab doors. A high gloss finish gives Milano Slate cabinets the look and feel of the finest European kitchen design.

The full overlay contemporary style slab door is versatile. It pairs well with all contemporary kitchen settings. Easy to maintain and highly durable, Milano High Gloss Slate cabinets are a great option for all European-style cabinet lovers that don’t have a lot of time to spend cleaning the kitchen.

Milano High Gloss Slate light gray cabinetry is available on a classic frameless box. It includes plywood sides and a dovetailed soft close drawer, at no additional cost.

Take your kitchen to the new levels of contemporary ambiance with Milano High Gloss Slate cabinets. Whether you are a homeowner or a designer, you will love the balance between texture and color, and the ease of maintaining they provide.

Check out Milano High Gloss Slate cabinets.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets Trends 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath
Milano High Gloss Slate Light Gray Kitchen Cabinets by CNC
Gray Kitchen Cabinets Trends 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath
Nexus Slate Light Gray Kitchen Cabinets by Fabuwood

Nexus Slate Light Gray Cabinetry

Nexus Slate cabinets from Fabuwood’s Allure kitchen cabinet series show just how gentle and ethereal can gray kitchens be. Simplistically elegant, the soft slate gray color will coordinate seamlessly with other kitchen and home decorative elements.

All cabinets from Fabuwood Allure Series provide a balance between classic, conventional style, and contemporary appeal. The Nexus collection is a special line of the Allure kitchen cabinet series. It features crisp, clean lines and recessed paneling.

Slate light gray cabinets come with 3/4″ thick solid birch face frame, 3/4″ thick solid wood door and drawer front style and rails, 1/2″ plywood sides, top and bottoms. The cabinets have color matching exterior and naturally finished interior. 3/4″ thick adjustable plywood shelves, 5/8″ thick solid birch dovetail drawer box with a plywood bottom, BLUM soft-close hinges, BLUM full extension, and soft-close undermount drawer slides make this cabinetry highly functional.

Explore Nexus Slate cabinets.

Warm Gray Cabinets for Family Interiors

Although the gray color is generally considered a transitional color between two extremes – black and white, and generally cold, there are many shades of gray that can be warm, especially when featured in the right combinations. Gray cabinets are versatile, maybe the most of all other kitchen cabinet colors. Rather than being a compromise between black and white, gray cabinets are a compromise between dark and light, happy and gloomy, as well as between different moods and styles, and a whole palette of shades and tones.

The gray cabinet color is well-balanced, stable, and solid. It creates a feeling of calmness and gives us refuge from an unbalanced and chaotic outside world. With this in mind, is there a better and warmer color for a family kitchen?

Gray cabinets will be the most functional canvas for painting your dream kitchen. They will create a relaxing atmosphere for many of your family activities and provide a warm interior that you will always happily come back to.

But how to give your gray cabinets that warm glow you’re looking for? What color, what shade of gray will look warm in your particular kitchen?

If warm gray color is what you’re looking for, the best way to go about this is to avoid dark gray cabinetry options and choose cabinets finished in light gray shades. Light gray colors are softer and more open to combinations and elements in other colors that will give your gray kitchen a soft and warm aura.

For example, combining your gray cabinets with wood accents, brass, and gold hardware, a country-styled sink and faucet, soft lighting, and soft fabrics in curtains, for example, will evoke good old past times and give them that warm glow and feel you’re looking for while keeping the neutral and well-balanced qualities. Another option is to combine gray cabinets with wood-finished cabinets and use gray as a secondary color. Pairing them with warm colors such as yellow, beige, and orange, and materials such as brick will also do the trick.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets Trends 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath
Warm Gray Kitchen Cabinets by Rosa Beltran Design
Gray Kitchen Cabinets Trends 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath
Warm Gray Kitchen Cabinets by Kitchen Lab

Dove Gray Cabinets

One of the most gentle and tranquil colors that is also aristocratic and dignified is dove gray. Dove gray kitchens are usually traditional, classic, farmhouse, and country-style but they can also come with a sharp, almost metallic shine when they represent a modern cabinetry style. As a very soothing shade of gray, dove gray is perfect for those homeowners who are looking for a gray tone for their cabinets that is neither dark gray nor light gray. Dove gray cabinet color is that perfect middle and sweet spot that you can reach only if you know what you looking for.

Dove gray is a special color that is actually a soft, mild gray tone that subtly, from underneath, shines with shy undertones of a blue or pink glow. When applied on cabinets as a finish, it is considered a neutral but accommodating and versatile neutral color that can act as cool or warm, depending on other colors, materials, and finishes that exist in the surroundings. Dove gray cabinet look and feel will also depend on the amount of natural light filling the kitchen space and also on the type of artificial lighting installed in the kitchen.

Although special and unique, dove gray kitchens are also considered universal and an easy kitchen design solution for many homeowners looking for an elegant but neutral kitchen design with class. Its special look and feel will, in the end, depend on the color of the materials you pair dove gray cabinets with. White, black, blue, yellow, green, and beige are the colors that dove gray goes great with. Achieving a contrast with one of the stronger colors will enhance the special glow these cabinets have. On the other hand, pairing them with other neutrals will show just how easygoing, casual, and relaxed they can look and feel.

Once you install these gorgeous cabinets, depending on the period of the day, shades, and light, you’ll be able to see all those special nuances, subtleties, gradations, and refinements that will act as almost elusive to your eyes. Your dove gray cabinets will never look exactly the same but will surely and unmistakably, always be on the dot, and impact elegance and high-grade sophistication. And make no mistake, these cabinets are always fashionable, and always on trend, regardless of the style of your kitchen. They will adapt to modern, transitional, and classic, traditional kitchens, although perhaps dove gray is the most common for transitional kitchens.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets Trends 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath
Dove Gray Cabinets by CNC
Gray Kitchen Cabinets Trends 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath
Dove traditional kitchen by Wolf Home Products

Blue Gray Kitchen Cabinets for an Ultimately Cool Kitchen

Blue-gray cabinet paint color is a very popular choice right now. Actually, it has been a popular color choice for kitchen cabinets for a very long time now but its appeal doesn’t seem to weaken; not it will any time soon. Blue gray cabinets have this unique capability to complement any kitchen with their powerful, dark color but still play and pair with other elements in a kitchen as a neutral. These cabinets can look blue but with different lighting and paired with different elements in various colors, the gray tint in them will shine through the blue paint.

So it’s no wonder that they are so popular. Versatile and unique, neutral but focus-worthy — just use your blue-gray cabinets as you see them fit in your kitchen. As a powerful, dark color, blue gray can be used on base cabinets and kitchen island cabinets. Visually, they will give off an impression of a firm, substantial foundation of your kitchen. Combined with white upper cabinets, blue gray cabinets will help create a magnificent contrast you’ll thoroughly enjoy. They’ll also look great as a color of base kitchen cabinets combined with open shelving instead of upper cabinets. For balance, use some blue gray decor elements on the shelves. On the other hand, using blue gray cabinets for all of your cabinets, both base and upper cabinets is also a great idea. Similar to any dark gray cabinetry, blue gray cabinet color will create impact but will provide additional appeal and a moment of mystery.

If you have your heart set on a blue gray kitchen cabinet design, we encourage you to take a leap. Not all dark gray cabinet colors are created equal and blue gray mix is certainly one of the best options for those homeowners who appreciate the sophistication of a deep sea on a cloudy day that they can find in the best kitchen cabinets.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets Trends 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath
Galaxy Indigo Cabinets by Fabuwood
Gray Kitchen Cabinets Trends 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath
CNC Concord Blue Cabinets

Charcoal Gray Cabinets

Dark gray color options for cabinets bring class, coolness, sophistication, and edge but they can also add balance and comfort. Gray cabinets kitchen design can be too neutral and bland if some accents and focal points are not used. Choosing kitchen cabinets gray color that is darker than your average gray can be a real lifesaver. Exactly because of that choosing charcoal gray cabinets are so very much wanted and desired in any kitchen with style. It’s especially great for those who want to introduce a greater contrast or add balance to light-colored elements in the kitchen.

Bring comfort and a balance of gray to your kitchen with charcoal kitchen cabinets. You’ll see, they are anything but boring. They show how dark neutral can be warm and work perfectly with any kitchen, cabinet, or countertop style. If you choose charcoal kitchen gray cabinets that feature a clean look thanks to the minimalist cabinet frame, think about pairing them with stainless steel appliances and white quartz countertops for contrast. This is a perfect combination if you want to achieve an ultimately modern and uncompromisingly contemporary kitchen design. If you go for charcoal cabinets, marble-looking quartz countertops with slightly gold veining, and brass or brushed nickel cabinet hardware and faucet, you’ll soon see yourself enjoying a transitional kitchen with exquisite warmth and a welcoming, warm, homey feel.

You can also use charcoal cabinets to create adorable two-tone kitchens with attitude. Two-tone kitchens with gray cabinets that feature a charcoal finish on base cabinets are a great, stylish, and easy way to introduce stark contrast to light gray or white upper cabinets. Adding white granite, white marble, or white quartz countertops, along with white subway tile backsplash, will enhance the deep, profound charcoal tones in your new cabinets and bring a widely loved farmhouse look and feel.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets Trends 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath
Kitchen with gray cabinets in charcoal by Wolf Home Products
Gray Kitchen Cabinets Trends 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath
Allure Onyx Cobblestone Cabinets by Fabuwood

Let’s get started on your dream kitchen today! We will get back to you within 1 business day.

Gray Cabinets with White Countertops

Both dark gray painted cabinets and light gray cabinets or gray and white kitchen cabinets pair beautifully with white countertops. The combo will look superb with minimalistic and modern designs.

Do you like gray countertops with white cabinets combination?
Gray color kitchen cabinets or dark gray cabinets combined with white countertops create a perfect white gray kitchen look that is absolutely stunning!

White will always succeed to add brightness and elegance. Whether you want to create a modern, eclectic, or warm and traditional kitchen decor, gray stained kitchen cabinets white countertops combination will give you all you need to achieve your goal.

If you wish to create high visual contrasts, combine dark gray cabinets with white quartz countertops.

For a more traditional and rustic feel, combine light gray cabinets with white natural stone options like marble, soapstone, or marble.

Gray white kitchen options are perfect for your home whether you prefer a contemporary style or a classic, evergreen look. Gray colors for the kitchen can be beautifully combined with other hues on walls, floors, cabinets, and countertops. Using gray cabinets white countertops combination can make a powerful, striking statement in your home.

Making the right combination of the two main elements of any kitchen — cabinets and countertops — and striking the right balance between them is a work of art, regardless of how foolproof the process of choosing colors and materials may seem. Different scenarios come into play here and various solutions are possible. However, the outcome will depend on your needs and aesthetic preferences. If gray cabinets are what you’re looking for and white is your preferred color for the countertops, then gray cabinets with white countertops combination is definitely the way to go about your kitchen remodel. And you’re in for a treat because there are endless variations of both gray cabinets and white countertops. For a striking effect, choose dark gray cabinetry with pure white or frosty white countertops or marble-lookalike quartz countertops with bold veining. If you’re a fan of softer and more mellow combinations easier on the eye, go for light gray cabinets and off-white countertops with earthy tones and gentle, faint veining.

Gray white kitchen is the ultimate statement of sophistication. Just take a look at the two examples below that show a more traditional, softer version of the combinations, and a more striking and more contemporary gray kitchen design.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets Trends 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath
Light Gray Shaker Kitchen Cabinets with Calcutta Marble Countertops Design by Anne Decker Architects
Gray Kitchen Cabinets Trends 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath
Dark Gray Cabinets with White Quartz Countertops Design by Gordon Duff and Linton

Gray Cabinets with Black Countertops

Black countertops will introduce more masculine energy into your kitchen decor. You can find a variety of black countertops with more striking and more defined veining to create additional interest in your interior.

Gray cabinets will work beautifully with black countertops. The combination will bring a sense of coolness and almost masculine sophistication but also just a touch of a traditional vibe. Dark-on-dark pairs really well. As always, choosing the right tone will mean everything. Dark gray tones in both cabinetry and countertops will read as almost black in the kitchen space. If you’re going for overall dark and black, this is a winning combination. However, adding some texture and highlights of lighter color details will refresh the room, break the darkness, and add a touch of sophisticated drama to the masculine, almost brutal kitchen interior. Black quartz with striking, sharp veining will do the trick.

If you love contrasts, there is no better option than light gray cabinet color with black countertops. Dark countertops will add drama to the space and an edge that light and neutral cabinetry usually needs. Light gray cabinets and black countertops make the perfect pair of shadows and light, happy and moody, and balance the dark and light in the way that every kitchen needs.

However, gray cabinets with black hardware can also create quite an impact on your kitchen decor. Feel free to explore gray cabinets with black countertops, as well as gray cabinets with black hardware options. You’ll be surprised by the possible effects these combinations give. All of these options are perfect for modern, more masculine, but still cozy and highly sophisticated cooking and entertaining kitchen interiors.

Dare to create a focus in your kitchen. Also, don’t be afraid to put black countertops on a dark gray island. The pairing will add a sense of elegance and style to your home.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets Trends 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath
Calcutta Quartz Countertops with Gray Shaker Cabinets and White Gray Quartz Backsplash at Decorpad
Gray Kitchen Cabinets Trends 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath
Honed Black Marble Countertop and Light Gray Countertops Design by CR Home Design

Light Gray Kitchen Cabinets with Dark Countertops

There is something so special about light gray cabinetry in a kitchen that makes it a must-have for any homeowner who wants a neutral palette that gives freedom in choosing decor and various details in a kitchen. If you’re big on trends but can’t afford to change the scenery in your kitchen every few years, going with a neutral modern classic is a great solution. Neutral enough to change the look, feel, and vibe depending on the elements you pair them with, light gray cabinets can keep making you happy for many years to come.

Light gray is also a great neutral that is something other than white while it still lends the room that breezy feel and almost luminous look. However, the final look and feel of your light gray kitchen cabinetry will depend on the look and feel of the other kitchen elements you surround them with and how they pair and fit with one another. It seems that pairing your light gray cabinetry with countertops will have the most effect on the room.

So, if you want your light gray cabinets to show all their beauty and luminosity while providing a perfect backdrop for other elements to shine as well, light grey kitchen cabinets with dark countertops will be the perfect combination. Give careful thought to the possible selection of dark countertops — material, pattern, finish, and design. If you’re going with real, natural stone, such as granite or marble, or manufactured quartz, be extra careful. The slabs will be substantial and very possibly gorgeous, so you won’t be changing them any time soon. This is why it is so important to create the best possible combination of light grey kitchen cabinets with dark countertops.

Our kitchen designers recommend dark quartz options such as products from Caesarstone countertops or Quartz Master countertops. Don’t be afraid to give your kitchen that marvelous contrast and bold look any modern kitchen design needs.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets Trends 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath
Empira Quartz by Caesarstone
Gray Kitchen Cabinets Trends 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath
Black Tempal Quartz by Caesarstone

Gray Kitchen Cabinets with Gold Hardware

Making a combination of kitchen gray cabinets and gold hardware is one of the classiest combinations ever in a kitchen. As a convenient alternative to all-white kitchen designs, gray cabinets give a more powerful personality to kitchen space and add more interest than gray cabinets. However, if you believe that your gray cabinets are too neutral and you would like a pop of color and shine that would build up drama and elevate the overall look and feel, look no further than gold cabinet hardware.

Gold hardware — pulls, knobs, and handles — will give your gray kitchen a highly refined, rich, mature appearance. You can add it to both light and dark gray cabinets. With gray light cabinets, gold hardware will complete a more modern, youthful look, while providing it with a touch of timelessness. Completing a dark gray kitchen setting, gold hardware will help make a kitchen like this feel almost Frech provincial and farmhouse, providing a pop of golden light that makes a kitchen like this truly timeless. In the same way, your two-tone light and dark gray kitchen can also benefit from the gold hardware style.

Hardware is usually added once the cabinets are all done and the preferred shade of gray has been chosen. Add gold hardware to your gray cabinetry and just take a look at how your kitchen lits up! Our kitchen designers, as an extra piece of advice to help complete a kitchen design like this one, say that gray cabinets gold hardware kitchen design combination should be paired with marble-looking quartz countertops that feature gold veining or with a real marble of a similar look. Adding that additional layer of gold can make a kitchen look and feel truly fabulous, and swoon-worthy!

Gray Kitchen Cabinets Trends 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath
Grey cabinets kitchen with gold hardware
Gray Kitchen Cabinets Trends 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath
Kitchen cabinets gray with gold hardware

How to Choose Right Gray Cabinets

Choosing the right shade and the right variant of gray color for your cabinets is a process when you need to answer several questions.

Do you like the modern, edgy, and minimalistic design? If you do, consider dark gray cabinets or light gray color with high gloss. For the full contemporary experience, choose gray cabinets with flat panel doors or slab doors. Gray is one of the best modern kitchen cabinets ideas that will always produce a magnificent effect.

Are traditional, rustic, and warm homey kitchen designs more of your cup of tea? There are many gray cabinetry ideas for you, too. Why don’t you try various options of painted gray shaker kitchen cabinets like blue-gray cabinets, dove gray, gray white, green gray, coventry gray, gray brown , or gray owl kitchen cabinets? You’ll be amazed by all the possible shades and options of gray — their number is nearly endless.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets Trends 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Kitchen Cabinets painted gray: Fusion Nickel by Fabuwood

Combinations of gray cabinets with white countertops and gray cabinets with black countertops will give you an endless number of opportunities to create a perfectly balanced, contrasted, and grounded kitchen interior.

Feel free to mix and match different shades of gray and gray color with other cabinet colors. Gray and white kitchen cabinets combination is very popular, for example. Whether you choose to combine gray cabinets and a white countertop or gray lower cabinets and white upper wall cabinets, you simply cannot make a mistake. This combination will create a gentle contrast that will work in any home.

How to Clean Gray Cabinets

Cleaning gray cabinets is a straightforward process that requires minimal effort but will always enhance the appearance of your kitchen or living space. After all, a simple kitchen design is always easy to clean. And gray cabinets are just that. To begin, gather your cleaning supplies, including a mild detergent or dish soap, warm water, a soft cloth or sponge, and a clean, dry towel.

Start by removing any surface dust or debris from the cabinets using a dry cloth or vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. Next, prepare a cleaning solution by mixing a small amount of mild detergent or dish soap with warm water in a bucket or bowl.

Dip the soft cloth or sponge into the cleaning solution and wring out any excess liquid. Then, gently wipe down the gray cabinets, paying special attention to areas with stains or grime buildup. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or scrubbing pads, as these can damage the cabinet’s finish.

Once you’ve cleaned the cabinets, rinse the cloth or sponge thoroughly with clean water and wipe down the cabinets again to remove any soap residue. Finally, use a dry towel to wipe the cabinets dry and buff them to a shine.

Regular maintenance, such as wiping down the cabinets with a damp cloth as needed, can help keep them looking clean and fresh for years to come. With just a few simple steps, you can restore the beauty of your gray cabinets and enjoy a clean and inviting living space.

Gray Cabinets FAQ

Are gray cabinets a good idea in the kitchen?

Gray cabinets can be a fantastic choice for many homeowners. Their neutral tone complements a wide range of design styles, from modern to traditional. Gray cabinets add depth and sophistication to the kitchen, creating a timeless and elegant aesthetic. These cabinet door styles provide a versatile backdrop for other design elements, such as countertops and backsplashes, allowing for endless customization options. Gray cabinets offer a stylish and practical solution for those seeking a contemporary yet classic look for their kitchen space.

What color goes well with gray cabinets?

Gray cabinets are incredibly versatile and can be paired with a wide range of colors in the kitchen. White is a classic choice that creates a clean and timeless look, while navy blue offers a bold and sophisticated contrast. Soft pastel shades like pale pink or mint green can add a subtle pop of color, while warm wood tones bring warmth and texture to the space. Metallic accents such as gold or brass can enhance the elegance of gray cabinets, adding a touch of glamour to the kitchen. The best color pairing depends on the desired aesthetic and personal style preferences.

Is a gray kitchen timeless?

A gray kitchen can indeed be considered timeless due to its versatility and ability to adapt to various design styles. Gray is a neutral color that transcends trends, making it a safe and enduring choice for kitchen cabinetry. Its understated elegance allows it to blend seamlessly with both contemporary and traditional decor, ensuring longevity in design appeal. Gray provides a neutral backdrop that allows other elements in the kitchen to stand out, ensuring that the space can be easily updated without needing to replace the cabinets. The timeless nature of a gray kitchen lies in its ability to remain stylish and relevant through changing design trends and personal preferences.

Do gray cabinets show dirt?

Gray cabinets may show dirt and smudges more visibly than lighter-colored cabinets, but they are generally less prone to showing dirt compared to white or other light-colored finishes. The level of visibility of dirt on gray cabinets can depend on factors such as the specific shade of gray, the finish of the cabinets, and the lighting in the room. Matte or textured finishes may be more forgiving in hiding fingerprints and smudges when compared to glossy finishes. Regular cleaning and maintenance can help minimize the appearance of dirt on gray cabinets, keeping them looking clean and fresh for longer periods. While gray cabinets may show dirt to some extent, they remain a popular and practical choice for many homeowners due to their timeless appeal and versatility in design.

Why are gray cabinets so popular?

Gray cabinets have surged in popularity due to their ability to add a sense of sophistication and modernity to any kitchen space. Their neutral tone allows for easy coordination with a variety of design styles, from contemporary to traditional. Gray cabinets offer a sleek alternative to classic white cabinetry while still maintaining a timeless appeal. Gray is perceived as a versatile color that can adapt to changing trends and design preferences. The understated elegance of gray cabinets appeals to homeowners seeking a chic and understated aesthetic for their kitchen.

What are the benefits of a gray kitchen?

A gray kitchen offers numerous benefits, including versatility in design, timeless appeal, and ease of coordination with other colors and materials. Gray cabinets can create a modern and sophisticated atmosphere while still providing a neutral backdrop for various decor styles. The subdued nature of gray promotes a calm and inviting ambiance, making it ideal for both cooking and entertaining spaces. Additionally, gray is less prone to showing dirt and fingerprints compared to lighter colors, resulting in easier maintenance and upkeep. A gray kitchen combines style, functionality, and practicality, making it a popular choice for homeowners seeking a timeless and elegant aesthetic.

Are gray cabinets too trendy?

While gray cabinets have experienced a surge in popularity in recent years, they are not necessarily considered too trendy. Gray is a neutral color that has been used in interior design for decades, indicating its enduring appeal. Additionally, gray cabinets offer a timeless aesthetic that can be adapted to various design styles, ensuring longevity in their appeal. While some may perceive gray cabinets as trendy due to their recent popularity, their versatility and ability to complement different design elements suggest that they can remain stylish for years to come. The decision to incorporate gray cabinets into a kitchen should be based on personal preference and the desired aesthetic rather than concerns about trends.

Choose Your Gray Kitchen in NY

Are you wondering how to choose the right kitchen cabinet color? We recommend gray cabinets this season because gray colors for the kitchen are anything but boring! Gray cabinets are not only a safe option for your kitchen design but also a sophisticated and one of the most elegant options. Feel free to browse our kitchen cabinet selection to find the best variant for your taste. Then come to our kitchen cabinet store in Queens NY where we have one of the greatest selections of gray painted kitchen cabinets. Our designers will be happy to give you plenty of gray cabinets ideas for your upcoming kitchen remodeling project.

Choose light gray cabinets or dark gray cabinets. We have various designs by some of the most trusted kitchen cabinet brands like Fabuwood, CNC,  and Forevermark. Combine them with different countertops – white countertops and dark countertops. Pair the combo you already created with dark or light backsplash mosaics. You will find all you need to create your dream kitchen in our Queens NY kitchen showroom.

Home Art Tile Kitchen & Bath knowledgeable, professional, and helpful staff will share advice if you need one on how to choose kitchen colors with gray cabinets and be with you every step of the way until you create your dream gray kitchen design. Contact us today!


Gray kitchen cabinets remain at the forefront of trends in 2024, offering a blend of timeless elegance and contemporary flair. They continue to captivate homeowners and interior designers alike, with innovative approaches and fresh ideas reshaping the way we perceive this classic color choice. In exploring the trends for 2024, gray cabinets are a staple in modern kitchen aesthetics.

One of the standout trends for 2024 is the interplay of contrasting colors and materials, where gray cabinets serve as a versatile foundation for experimentation. From bold accents to subtle nuances, the juxtaposition of textures and tones adds depth and visual interest to kitchen spaces. The fusion of mixed materials, such as wood and metal, brings a sense of warmth and sophistication to gray cabinetry, elevating its design appeal.

The integration of innovative hardware choices reflects a shift towards personalized and functional kitchen solutions. From sleek handles to touchless technology, these details not only enhance the aesthetic of gray cabinets but also contribute to the overall functionality of the kitchen.

The 2024 kitchen trends highlight the enduring allure of gray cabinets, showcasing their adaptability, versatility, and ability to transcend design boundaries. Whether in a contemporary loft or a traditional farmhouse, gray cabinets continue to serve as a canvas for creativity and expression, shaping the heart of the home into a space that is both stylish and functional.