Best Selection of Traditional Kitchen Cabinets in NY

Traditional Kitchen Cabinets never go out of style. Their timeless design loved by all generations guarantees beauty, maximum storage, always needed display space, and many charming details that will inspire and excite you, your family, and your guests for years to come. Everyone loves luxury traditional kitchens — homeowners, designers, and contractors across the U.S.

Home Art Tile Kitchen & Bath presents you with top ideas for timeless kitchen interior and the best traditional kitchen decor ideas. Continue reading to learn where to find traditional cabinets in Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan at low prices. Find out how to recognize traditional kitchen design, learn about the differences between the modern and traditional kitchen, and get inspired for your kitchen remodel. We present you with traditional kitchen cabinets from the most trusted and most popular kitchen cabinet manufacturers like Fabuwood Cabinets, Forevermark Cabinets, and CNC Cabinets.

And if you’re here just because of traditional white kitchen cabinets, we’re happy to let you know that we have them here, as well! We’ll share with you plenty of traditional white kitchen ideas to inspire your dream space.

But regardless of your personal taste and style, we are sure that you will enjoy our traditional style kitchen cabinets designs and traditional kitchen ideas. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to rediscover their charm.

How to Recognize Traditional Kitchen Cabinets

Traditional kitchen cabinets feature classic designs, warm, rich colors, and symmetrical lines. Casual and comfortable, traditional kitchen cabinets design is one of the most popular styles to decorate homes. They incorporate a combination of various design elements, from different periods and epochs. By taking only the best from many decades of kitchen design and centuries of interior design, traditional style cabinets give you certainty and the realization that ultimate classics are possible to enjoy.

Traditional kitchens are designed to impress. They feature curves, ornate details, and rich, deep colors. However, they are not overly ostentatious.  Stained glass door fronts, glazed doors, decorative brackets, toe-kicks, trim works, plate racks, inset panel doors, chicken wire cabinet doors, bin-style handles, and crown molding are all possible elements of a traditional style kitchen.  They will add character to the room and make it personal but you don’t have to incorporate all of these elements into your traditional kitchen remodel. A careful combination of a few of these traditional details will create a showstopping traditional luxury kitchen.

Traditional details will embellish modern kitchens, as well. More and more designers and homeowners choose to experiment and decorate contemporary kitchens with classic ornaments. Modern traditional kitchen designs radiate a sense of tranquility, exquisite visual complacency, and superior quality. Many modern traditional kitchen ideas are available online and on our website for your inspiration. As you can see, a traditional style kitchen is possible to achieve even if you’re started with another style, because there are so many options to get the look you have grown to love and enjoy.

For the ultimate experience, combine your traditional kitchen cabinets with hardwood floor or wood-look porcelain tiles. To add a modern twist and get a modern traditional kitchen cabinets appearance, feel free to play with finishes and hardware.

Traditional Kitchen Cabinets for a Warm, Homey Feeling

No other interior will make you feel more comfortable, warm, safe, and relaxed as traditional kitchen decor. Traditional luxury kitchens give a home-like feel that your inner child will indulge in. Traditional kitchen design ideas and traditional kitchen cabinets will give you as a parent an opportunity to provide your kids with a unique experience of an interior that offers stability, warmth, trust, and support that they crave.

Create the perfect backdrop for the most important family activities, conversations, and everyday meals. Incorporate soft, muted colors like taupes, creams, whites, light greens, and grays, or simply go with an all-time classic wood stain. Allow that wood grain to show and capture the attention of anyone who walks into the room. You can also implement modern classic kitchen cabinets, mix and match elements and colors, wood paints and stains, and create your own interpretation of a warm, homey, traditional kitchen.

If you want your kitchen to become a truly relaxing and classy traditional space, start with choosing traditional cabinets style. They will bring neutrality and warmth, introduce traditional style to the room, and let you continue with decoration easily. Cabinets don’t have to dictate the look of your kitchen but they can certainly ease your kitchen remodel transformation into the room you would like to share with your family and friends for many years to come.

Black traditional kitchen cabinets can be a delightful choice for spacious rooms with lots of natural light. If your kitchen is small, too much black can be overwhelming. Mixing black traditional kitchen cabinets with other light options can be a great solution.

Take a look at some of the most popular and best-selling dark traditional kitchen cabinets in our Queens NY kitchen cabinet store. Inspect their characteristics, see available colors and finishes, and try to imagine how would each look like in your home. Browse through our most popular traditional kitchen cabinets designs and pick the right one for you.

Modern Traditional Kitchen Cabinets from Fabuwood

Some of the best traditional kitchen designs come from Fabuwood Cabinetry. Fabuwood is one of the most trusted kitchen cabinet brands in the United States that provides great quality at affordable prices. Understanding various preferences in kitchen cabinet styles of homeowners and interior designers, they offer diverse designs, colors, and finishes. Their traditional kitchen cabinets have a modern twist that comes with shaker style doors, simple lines, and contemporary colors. These traditional kitchen cabinets are classic in their look. They feature homey, elegant, classic feel. However, don’t expect too much ornamentation and heavily detailed cabinets and islands from Fabuwood.

They offer modern traditional kitchen cabinets version that includes ornate moldings and trims, raised and recessed panels, along with classic wood stains and glazes. But English and French decor elements are not very popular in their interpretation of traditional kitchen cabinets. Fabuwood traditional style is recognized for their simple, timeless elegance, unpretentious lines, and deep colors well loved by today’s homeowners.

Traditional Kitchen Cabinets | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath
Value Premium Hallmark Frost Fabuwood Classic Cabinets

Fabuwood Hallmark Frost Traditional Kitchen Cabinets

Hallmark Frost Kitchen Cabinets are traditional white kitchen cabinets by Fabuwood that introduce classic, subtle woodwork and fresh, ice-white finish color. Although these cabinets actually reinvent the notion of traditional and classic trends, they still successfully capture familiarity and coziness as few other traditional cabinets can. Blending top quality with refined style to represent true craftsmanship and tradition at an affordable price, these traditional kitchen cabinets feature distinctive artisan charm and are sure to be a commanding focal point in any home with a classic setting.

If you love the classic lines and desire to have both modern and traditional kitchen qualities in one perfect kitchen, the traditional and classy look of Value Premium Hallmark Frost kitchen cabinets will be the perfect choice for you.

Features: full overlay door on base cabinets and modified overlay on wall cabinets, mortise & tenon construction door frames, veneer reversed raised panel captured into solid birch rails, 5-piece recessed panel drawer fronts, ⅝” solid birch drawer box with dovetail construction, Tandem plus Blumotion concealed drawer runners, ½” select birch plywood box construction, and⅝” adjustable shelves edge-banded in wood veneer natural finish.

Discovery Frost Classic Kitchen Cabinets by Fabuwood

Traditional home white kitchens look both classic and fresh at the same time! Fabuwood Discovery Frost kitchen cabinets feature a formal look — traditional white kitchen color and classic, simple kitchen doors. The fresh and bright Frost white will instantly brighten up any kitchen space and create the perfect backdrop for your kitchen decoration project and colorful details.

Traditional overlay, solid birch kitchen doors with mortise and tenon construction, recessed panel, and striking Frost color finish create the perfect classic ambiance for you to enjoy with your family and friends.

These modern traditional white kitchen cabinets feature a natural wood veneer finished interior, with an available upgrade in various high sheen finishes. Dovetail constructed box made of ½” select birch plywood, ¾” adjustable shelves edge-banded in the wood veneer natural finish, with 18” deep shelves of base cabinets.

Traditional Kitchen Cabinets | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath
Classic white kitchen Discovery Frost Fabuwood
Traditional Kitchen Cabinets | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath
Quest Metro Java Fabuwood Classic Cabinets

Fabuwood Quest Metro Java Classic Kitchen Cabinets

Homeowners and designers who want to create ultimate traditional luxury kitchens love classic Fabuwood cabinets from their Quest Metro line. Java color is one of the most classic kitchen cabinet colors and a timeless choice for traditional kitchen cabinets design. Bold and striking, these cabinets present the perfect addition to your classic kitchen.

Moderately decorative, with traditional overlay, recessed panel captured into solid birch rails, and richly hued wood, these modern traditional kitchen cabinets are a timeless, continual inspiration for comfortable, feel-good traditional home kitchens.

Good news is that Fabuwood Quest Metro Java Classic Kitchen Cabinets are economical and are suitable for all family homes. An ideal choice for both single and multi-unit projects with its stylish and smart design, these cabinets available in Mist and Frost finish are perfect for indulging in elegance, contrast, and refinement, providing a chic and luxuriant appeal.

Allure Fusion Blanc Traditional Kitchen by Fabuwood

Traditional kitchens are not always about the style definition. More often than not, they are all about the warm embrace and nostalgic familiarity they radiate. Fusion Blanc cabinets from the Fabuwood Allure collection revive our cherished traditions and beloved memories.

These creamy white cabinets add a classic touch to any kitchen, whatever its style. With the right balance of old-world charm and modern aesthetic, this unique style boasts a welcoming atmosphere. Fusion Blanc traditional white kitchen cabinets present the perfect example of a modern kitchen with traditional features.

Allure Fusion Blanc cabinets will stand out in your home with their wide rail moldings, distinctive detailing, and classic profiling. The detailed style gives any kitchen a touch of traditional splendor with an invigorating and crisp twist. They will reflect the light in your kitchen just as you would expect them to, and create a wonderful backdrop for a further decorating process. Fusion Cabinets from the Allure series feature full overlay door with mortise and tenon construction, solid wood door frames with ⅜” MDF center panel, and compact Blumotion soft-close mechanism integrated in concealed six-way adjustable hinges.

Traditional Kitchen Cabinets | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath
Allure Fusion Blanc Fabuwood Cabinets

Versatile Traditional Kitchen Cabinets Collection by Forevermark

Forevermark Cabinetry introduces innovative traditional kitchen cabinets design and traditional kitchen decor ideas with environmentally-friendly coatings, affordable, quality wood, versatile designs, and beautiful colors and finishes.

Dedicated to sustainability, they use waterborne UV finishes by Sherwin-Williams on their traditional door styles. They are one of the first cabinet manufacturers to introduce Forest Stewardship Council Certified ensuring that your product comes from responsibly managed sources. Greenguard Gold certified and Carb 2 compliant, Forevermark Cabinets let you responsibly enjoy their beautiful look and exquisite performance for elevated functionality.

If you’re looking to create a unique traditional luxury kitchen, traditional kitchen doors and traditional kitchen colors from Forevermark will make this goal easily achievable, at an affordable price.

Continue browsing to see our best-selling Forevermark traditional kitchen cabinets.

You can check out the full Forevermark cabinets catalog 2022 here.

Signature Pearl Traditional Kitchen by Forevermark

The Signature Pearl traditional white kitchen cabinets come from Forevermark’s Signature Collection. Raised panels and gorgeous, antique pearl white glazed finish create cabinets for showstopping, timeless kitchen spaces.

Traditional style introduces elegance and high class but sometimes also freshness and brightness. This is what Signature Pearl traditional kitchen cabinets are like. Their classic color ensures a classic look that will always look amazing but also guarantees modern, upscale appearance and feel.

Signature Pearl traditional white kitchen cabinets fuze modern luxury and sophisticated tradition to establish unparalleled everyday spaces. Your kitchen deserves the best, and so are you. With Signature Pearl cabinets you get it.

These cabinets come with a cream painted finish with dark glaze, Sherwin-Williams GreenSure finishes Carb2 Certified Cabinets, raised square door panel solid birch door frame, MDF panel, full overlay, butt doors, ½” A-Grade plywood wall and base sides, soft closing doors and drawers, undermount, full extension drawer glides, dovetail drawers, adjustable hinges, and interior and sides color that matches door color.

Traditional Kitchen Cabinets | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath
Signature Pearl Forevermark Cabinets
Traditional Kitchen Cabinets | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath
Forevermark K-Series White Cabinets

Forevermark K-Series Traditional White Kitchen Cabinets

Do you believe that the food you cook in a space you truly enjoy and love tastes better? We do, and more than that — we know it’s the truth.

An interior that relaxes you and gives you the opportunity not only to work but to plan and strategize your menu and relax after everything is done, can truly make you happy. K-Series White traditional kitchen cabinets by Forevermark offer this opportunity.

The fresh, crisp, and light color of these traditionally designed cabinets introduce an irresistible sense of refinement, novelty, and vigor. Raised Square with 5pc recessed drawer header and strong, 3/4″ solid birch front and door frame, and MDF door center guarantee superior durability. The refined white glaze provides elegance and a fresh look.

Rooms that need modern and traditional white kitchen design will greatly benefit from these traditional white kitchen cabinets. They are easy to use, so much that they will bring the functionality of the kitchen to perfection.

The K-Series White cabinets feature Sherwin-Williams GreenSure finish, Carb2 Certified, 1/2″ A-Grade Plywood cabinet sides, wall and base, soft closing doors and drawers, 6-way adjustable soft-close adjustable hinges, undermount, full extension drawer glides, dovetail drawers, while the color of interior and sides matches door color.

Sienna Rope Traditional Kitchen Cabinets by Forevermark

If you love traditional luxury kitchens, you will adore Sienna Rope kitchen cabinet design.

Incredibly detailed, stylish, with a distinct finish, and uniquely refined, Sienna Rope traditional kitchen cabinets show what traditional kitchen style really looks like.

Glazing details and delicate rope trim accentuates the superior craftsmanship put into these luxurious traditional cabinets. With the full extension, soft closing drawers, and dovetail drawer boxes, Sienna Rope cabinets will significantly increase the overall functionality of the kitchen space.

Affordable, stylish and easy to install, Forevermark Sienna Rope traditional kitchen cabinets will boost the value of your home but also save you money because they come at such an affordable price.

Enjoy a luxury traditional kitchen, contact us to get a free estimate.

Traditional Kitchen Cabinets | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath
Sienna Rope Traditional Kitchen Design by Forevermark
Traditional Kitchen Cabinets | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath
Uptown White Classic Forevermark Cabinets

Forevermark Uptown White Classic Kitchen

Classic kitchen style is usually all about the traditional, timeless look, and elegance. However, traditional kitchen doors and traditional kitchen colors can also introduce fresh, invigorating hues and thus modernize the ambiance. The time-honored traditional style celebrates famed wood grains but lately favors creamy and white hues.

With Uptown White classic kitchen cabinets by Forevermark, you will be able to bring a classic but also a natural, organic feel into your kitchen space and home. The durability, sturdy construction, sustainable finishes and materials, and modern features for ease of use and increased functionality of these traditional white kitchen cabinets will make your dream kitchen come true.

If you love a bright, light look in a kitchen, Uptown White Forevermark Cabinets offer a unique way to make yours truly one of a kind and are one of the best traditional white kitchen ideas for your home. These light-colored kitchen cabinets will add brightness to the most important room in your home and create the perfect backdrop for adding more traditional details and elements. Soft-close concealed hinges, dovetail drawers, solid birch wood, full overlay, butt door, and recessed square show quality construction that matches its classic looks.

Gramercy White Traditional Kitchen Design by Forevermark

For an ultimate experience of a modern and traditional kitchen design in one room, opt for a perfect combination of contemporary, crisp colors, and classic, universally loved clean lines. Forevermark Gramercy White traditional kitchen cabinets create classic style appearance with a fresh, modern, and clean charm.

The raised panels, a staple in any traditional kitchen, provide sophistication and refinement in combination with other quality features. Crisp, fresh white cabinet color ensures the popularity of these traditionally designed kitchen cabinets in years and decades to come.

It is easy to take your kitchen space to the next level and create your dream cooking space with Gramercy White Forevermark cabinets. Traditional ambiance with a contemporary feel for unique, everyday experiences is so easy to achieve if you incorporate these cabinets into your interior decor.

Whether you are a homeowner or a designer, you will love the balance between traditional lines and modern color. The ease of maintenance and the high functionality they provide will make you want them even more.

These traditional kitchen cabinets feature Pure White painted finish on doors,
Sherwin-Williams GreenSure finish with Carb2 certification. Raised square door panel, solid birch door frame, MDF panel, full overlay, butt doors, ½” A-Grade plywood wall and base sides, along with soft closing doors and drawers, undermount, full extension drawer glides. Dovetail drawers, adjustable hinges, and interior/sides color that matches door color make these cabinets a perfect solution for your kitchen.

Traditional Kitchen Cabinets | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath
Gramercy White Forevermark Cabinets
Traditional Kitchen Cabinets | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath
Cherry Glazed K-Series Forevermark Traditional Cabinets

Cherry Glaze Traditional Kitchen Cabinets from Forevermark K-Series

One of the most popular wood colors in traditional home kitchens is the cherry glaze. Creating an elegant, sophisticated atmosphere that takes your whole home interior to another level, cherry color promotes a unique sense of profound warmth.

You don’t have to hire an interior kitchen designer to get a top-class kitchen decor. You can save your money and still boost the value of your home with quality kitchen cabinets.

The ever-popular cherry glaze along with traditional, classic lines create an attractive combination for your everyday cooking space. Traditional cabinet door profile and a versatile cabinet color will fit any kitchen. The K-Series offers Cherry Glaze, Cinnamon Glaze, Honey, Espresso, and White. You can choose any of these colors to complete your dream kitchen.

Forevermark Cherry Glaze cabinets feature recessed drawer faces and raised main panels. Soft close hinges and slides come at no additional cost. All plywood construction, raised veener center panel, full overlay, butt doors, 5 piece recessed drawer front, and dovetail drawer box construction guarantee durability.

Cherry Finish, finished interior, and epoxy coated undermount glides guarantee exceptional looks.

Traditional Kitchens with White Cabinets Ideas

Traditional white kitchen cabinets take traditional kitchen design to another level. They open them and bring a breath of fresh air and an abundance of light into these important rooms. Whether completely dressed in white or simply embellished with white tones, traditional home kitchens transform into luxurious and unique rooms.

Here are some traditional white kitchen ideas that we hope will inspire you and help you on your journey of creating the perfect traditional kitchen space.

Traditional kitchens with white cabinets invite you to create, decorate, and have fun. Providing a perfect backdrop for all of the traditional decor details that you would like to incorporate into your cooking space, traditional white kitchen cabinets help you create space and ambiance for every detail you love. With white kitchen cabinets, you don’t have to be afraid to mix and match. Freely choose the details that you love and enjoy, boost the functionality of the kitchen, and enjoy your traditional kitchen with a modern vibe for years to come.

White kitchens withstand the test of time continuously. Creating a neutral but still striking backdrop, white traditional kitchen cabinets create an easy scene for interior designers and homeowners to work on and add splashes of stronger colors.

If you prefer a clean, crisp, white look, you can stick to the white tones of traditional white kitchen cabinets. However, make sure to get familiarized with a wide range of all-white tones. Choose bright white for spaces with a modern flair. Creamy white traditional kitchen cabinets will fit perfectly into your rustic or country kitchen design. And as much as you think that there isn’t that much of a difference between stark white and creamy white tones, trust us that traditional white kitchen cabinets made in one or another tone will make a completely different look and feel, and add differently to a particular traditional style kitchen you would like to achieve.

For best results, explore our Kitchen Cabinet Colors guide, Best Kitchen Cabinets Buying Guide, and browse Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas, and Top Kitchen Trends 2020. We hope these articles will give you plenty of traditional white kitchen ideas.

Traditional Kitchen Cabinets | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath
Sunny white traditional kitchen design with white glass-front traditional kitchen cabinets, wire brushed oak kitchen island, beveled marble countertops, subway tiles backsplash, and Wolfe Range by Phoebe Howard Design
Traditional Kitchen Cabinets | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath
Traditional kitchen design with white cabinetry, Carrara marble countertops, marble backsplash, and dark hardwood floors by Pacific Peninsula Group

Let’s get started on your dream kitchen today! We will get back to you within 1 business day.

Small Traditional Kitchens Ideas

Your kitchen is the very core of your home, the place where you and your loved ones gather, eat, lead meaningful, sometimes life-altering conversations, bring important decisions, do homework, and enjoy precious moments together.

If there is enough space, you can always welcome more people to your hub and make it a welcoming space great for parties and dinner events. When your kitchen is small, you may struggle to fit even your family in it. If you are in love with traditional kitchen design, the struggle may be even bigger. Traditional style brings a plethora of details, colors, and elements your small kitchen cannot afford. No one wants to see an overcrowded kitchen that looks like a mess.

Use details to give your small kitchen traditional charm and cozy feel. Traditional kitchen tiles, hand-painted or moulded, tiles with country scenes, traditional tiles made of natural stone can make your small traditional kitchen truly unique. Make sure not to use busy traditional kitchen tiles in a small space. Balance classic kitchen cabinet colors and best traditional kitchen designs to create the kitchen of your dreams regardless of the amount of space you have.

There is a solution to each small kitchen and traditional ones as well. With limited space, all you need to do is to plan your kitchen smartly and create a multifaceted, versatile kitchen space highly functional and aesthetically appealing. Find inspiration among Gray Kitchen Cabinets and White Shaker Cabinets.

Here are some traditional kitchen ideas on how to get your traditional kitchen regardless of the lack of space. Make the most of it and enjoy it.

Traditional Kitchen Cabinets | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath
Small Traditional Kitchens Ideas: white classic cabinets fit perfectly into small spaces and open them. Photography by Alison Hammond by
Traditional Kitchen Cabinets | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath
Small Traditional Kitchen Ideas: Bespoke hand-made galley indoor-outdoor kitchen. Design by Lisette Voute Designs
Traditional Kitchen Cabinets | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath
Small Traditional Kitchens Idea: Traditional hand painted, Shaker style kitchen with a Corian worktop and butler sink. Design by Williams Ridout
Traditional Kitchen Cabinets | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath
Small Traditional Kitchens Ideas: Introduce glass fronts and contrast into your small traditional style kitchen. Photography by: Amy Bartlam

Traditional vs Contemporary Kitchen — What is Better

What is better — a traditional vs contemporary kitchen is a question without a straightforward answer. Which style you’ll choose will, first and foremost, depend on what you like and enjoy.

Modern, contemporary kitchens feature clean, light colors and slab style doors. In contemporary kitchen settings, you won’t be able to see ornamentation, raised panels, or many colorful combinations. Modern style kitchen cabinets feature frameless, flat panel doors, minimal trim, sleek, minimalist fixtures, and cutting-edge appliances. Metallic finishes and powerful contrasts are very popular in these interiors.

Traditional kitchens introduce colors like pale blue, yellow, cream, cherry or brown, natural wood grains, and painted or plain wood cabinets. These kitchens create a warm, cozy ambiance thanks to warm colors and a plethora of accessories. Traditional kitchen design is all about rustic charm, familiarity, and coziness.

If you’re thinking about what style to choose — a traditional vs contemporary kitchen, the good news is that you don’t have to choose one or the other. Discover colors, lines, and details you like, and feel free to combine them. Start with choosing the right modern traditional kitchen cabinets in a neutral color and smartly plan your space. Traditional kitchens will greatly benefit from some sleek lines and modern appliances. At the same time, contemporary kitchen design will welcome neutral, warm colors, and cheerful details for a feel-good atmosphere.

Traditional Kitchen Cabinets | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath
Traditional Kitchen Design by Studio 6 Architects
Traditional Kitchen Cabinets | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath
Contemporary Kitchen Design by Paula Ables Interiors

Choose the Right Traditional Kitchen Cabinets for Your NY Kitchen

Choose traditional kitchen cabinets for a timeless look and irresistible charm of your everyday cooking space. Your kitchen space can look elegant and refined while offering a cozy, warm, and familiar ambiance. Nothing feels more like home than a classic looking kitchen with warm, homey feel where you can relax and connect with your loved ones.

Whether you have a large or a small cooking space, Home Art Tile Kitchen & Bath has an option for you. We provide Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn kitchens with kitchen cabinets of various styles. Traditional kitchen doors and traditional kitchen colors are among the most popular ones. To make sure the cabinets you like will fit into your kitchen space, we offer you free 3D design. The functionality of any kitchen will greatly depend on its layout, so we make sure your kitchen space is planned in detail.

Browse our kitchen cabinet selection and luxury traditional kitchens to find the best traditional kitchen cabinets for your cooking space and the best combination of construction and style for your taste. Then come to our kitchen cabinet store in Queens NY where we have one of the greatest selections of traditional kitchen cabinets.

Choose traditional kitchen cabinets design by some of the most trusted kitchen cabinet brands like Fabuwood, CNC Cabinets, and Forevermark Cabinets. Combine them with our gorgeous countertops and the right backsplash mosaics. Don’t forget about flooring — our wood look porcelain tile will complete the traditional luxury kitchen design. You will find all you need to create your dream traditional kitchen in our Queens NY kitchen showroom.

Contact us today for a free estimate or simply stop by our conveniently located kitchen cabinet showroom in Long Island City, Queens. Home Art Tile Kitchen & Bath has a knowledgeable, professional, and friendly staff that will happily share advice, inspire traditional kitchen decor ideas, and help you get started with your dream kitchen today.