Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas for Your Forever Home

kitchen cabinet design

Kitchen cabinet design can go far beyond plain, old look of cabinets from the ’80s and ’90s you may be used to seeing. Various finishes, colors, and decorative elements, as well as hardware, can spice up their look and the overall effect they have in your home. Whether you prefer a modern, minimalist look, or you believe the traditional style is the way to go, we’ve got the best kitchen cabinet design ideas for you. Now, you can finally tackle that big renovation and get the kitchen of your dreams. Read on to explore the best cabinet design.

The range of cabinet door designs is wide and possibly may seem unlimited. Once you start looking and browsing for the best kitchen cabinet design ideas, you may be overwhelmed with the wealth of kitchen cabinet door designs out there. However, not every style out there is right for you and your home. Kitchen cabinet door styles typically fall under a couple of primary designs — traditional, modern, and transitional. Truth be told, there are many variations in between and you may find the best design of kitchen cabinets for your home anywhere on that scale. The best thing to do is to start searching for cabinet design ideas, see what is out there, and finally settle on the cabinet design and style that is just right for you and your home.

Let’s start.

Kitchen Cabinet Design: Traditional Sophistication

For many people, classic cabinet designs present the safe choice but for some, this traditional style is the epitome of sophistication and elegance. The truth is, you cannot go wrong with the classic, whether you decide to dress your kitchen completely in traditional or just adorn it with particular traditional looking details. If you choose classic cabinet design, it will play an important role in the overall look of your kitchen.

You are the one who will be living in your home and will be using the kitchen, so make sure to choose the kitchen cabinet design you will truly enjoy rather than something that is currently trendy. If you love classic wooden kitchen cabinets designs, then don’t hesitate.

Classic Black Cabinet Design

Matte black paint or deep brown stain on smooth-faced cabinet doors and drawers can be combined with brushed nickel or antiqued bronze. This provides a traditional kitchen look. Pair them with marble countertops and tile backsplashes with just a few artistic accents to round out the style.

This kitchen is all bright and airy in spite of black cabinet design. Black kitchen island and a white marble countertop traditional combination is lit by vintage gray lights. Brass hardware on black shaker cabinets gives a special shine to the whole room.

Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas for Your Forever Home | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Classic Cabinet Designs: Black Cabinet Design. Kitchen design by Redesign Home LLC

Cabinets accented with classic, intricate crown molding, and shapely legs are considered a signature of traditional kitchen cabinets. To make a classic cabinet design more interesting and livable, add some casual decorations to it, some innovative cabinet storage solutions, open shelving for added space, and wire-mesh door fronts.

Traditional Cream & Brown

This traditional kitchen boasts with a combination of brown and cream cabinet design. Gold and brown granite, along with mosaic backsplash and glass front cabinets add a particular charm to the room.

Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas for Your Forever Home | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Cabinet Design Ideas: Traditional Style. Kitchen Design by Jean Stoffer Design

Classic Kitchen Designs with White Cabinets

Not only dark is classic; white is, too.

In fact, can you go more traditional and classic than this?

Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas for Your Forever Home | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Traditional Kitchen Designs with White Cabinets. Kitchen Design by Elevation Design Group

Details, gorgeous, whimsical granite, the curtains, and the chairs add so much to the traditional, warm, and homey, cozy style, but white cabinets add that vibe of a perfectly weathered and well-used family kitchen. That’s all that a family kitchen is about.

Old Fashioned Country Style

For a unique country style kitchen, you can opt for warm black paint rubbed off to give an antique feel. Go with a very dark stain on well-grained wood. Country style kitchens should have butcher-block counters, matte tiles or hammered tin panels for backsplashes. They should also have accents and plenty of antique-style decorator pieces.

However, you don’t need to go with classic black or white. Country kitchens are all about coziness and warmth, as well as freedom, so why don’t you go with something you truly love and enjoy?

How about a country blue cabinet color?

Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas for Your Forever Home | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Beautiful Kitchen Cabinets Design. Kitchen Design by Andrea Schumacher Interiors

A mustard yellow plank island, white quartz countertop, a multi-colored range hood and chic chairs of the same pattern, along with white and gray mosaic backsplash present such a perfect combination with muted blue country style cabinets. Stacked iron and wood shelves, a white farmhouse sink, and brass faucet accent the country blue kitchen cabinet design even more. Glass-front cabinets and brass hardware complete the country style of this adorable kitchen.

To add more rustic charm to your country style kitchen design, why not add a rustic stone backsplash?

Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas for Your Forever Home | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Classic Cabinet Designs: Rustic Charm. Kitchen Design by Aidan Design

Charcoal gray shaker style cabinets paired with a black stone countertop give this kitchen a traditional, classic charm. However, a rustic stone backsplash elevates the style of both cabinets and the whole room to another level. The backsplash steals all the attention but also makes a nice balance with the white window and lots of light coming through it. Stainless steel oven range and shelves give this classic, country-style kitchen a contemporary, almost industrial edge.

Transitional Cabinet Design Ideas

This kitchen cabinet design brings you the best of both worlds — classic cabinet designs and modern kitchen cabinet design. Flat-faced frames with recessed panels within give a kitchen both contemporary and traditional characteristics. Possibly the most flexible cabinet design, transitional cabinet design ideas bring you the freedom to expand beyond one style and strike harmony and balance with elements you enjoy the most. Streamlined profile cabinets, natural countertop surfaces, streamlined backsplash tile, simple accents, and neutral colors are the main characteristics of a transitional kitchen style. Of course, your cabinetry will have the most impact on the overall look of your kitchen.

Here are some transitional cabinet design ideas to help you strike the balance you crave for in your kitchen.

Transitional Kitchen Designs with White Cabinets

White is an ultimate kitchen cabinet color regardless of the cabinet style you prefer. It has a special place in transitional kitchens, too. In this white transitional kitchen, white shaker cabinets are complemented with white and gray marble countertops while an orange kitchen runner adds a warm, traditional feeling to the room.

Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas for Your Forever Home | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Kitchen Cabinet Door Designs: White Shaker. Kitchen Design by Hudson Interior Designs

Go Green & Transitional

Green cabinet design is a bolder choice for those who truly enjoy this color and want to live with it for a long time to come. It’s not a safe choice as black or white if you’re not sure or if you plan on reselling your house. This gray-green shaker kitchen cabinet design is a timeless transitional choice. Glass front cabinets, brass knobs and pulls, and gray marble countertop not only complete this style perfectly but also make a statement of subtle luxury and refinement.

Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas for Your Forever Home | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Best Design of Kitchen Cabinets: Go Green. Design by Jean Stoffer Design

Blue Transitional Kitchen Cabinet Design

If you want to bring a sense of calmness and balance into your kitchen and your home, try going with some beautiful shade of blue color. Blue is one of the signature colors of transitional kitchens as it can be very subtle and easy to combine with natural countertop and backsplash materials. After all, blue is one of the most natural colors.

In this transitional kitchen, blue kitchen cabinets boast shiny brass hardware.

Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas for Your Forever Home | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Blue Transitional Kitchen Cabinet Design. Kitchen Design by Jenn Feldman Designs

Ultra Modern and Sleek Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

Think shine and sleek shapes for a modern kitchen. The glossy black paint looks wonderful with bright silver drawer pulls and fixtures. Consider bold geometric tiles for a backsplash. Consider just one or two vibrant colors for accents. Modern kitchen style can lean toward minimalism with clean lines and no accessories. Go for funky modern art style with splashes of color and odd angles. Choose industrial chic with cement counters and heaving iron fixtures. There are so many choices that it can easily become overwhelming to choose just one option for your kitchen.

High Gloss Modern Kitchen Cabinet Design

High gloss cabinet door designs are an ultimately sophisticated choice for any contemporary kitchen design. They fit perfectly with a minimalist style, too. High gloss kitchen cabinets are a great idea because they are also very easy to take care of and maintain in perfect shape. Simply use a soft, damp cloth to clean them and they’ll remain a brilliant, reflective surface that will make your kitchen space shine.

In this kitchen, taupe lacquered kitchen cabinets are paired with a stainless steel sink, polished nickel faucet, a marble countertop and a marble backsplash.

Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas for Your Forever Home | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Modern Cabinet Design: High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets. Kitchen Design by Lindye Galloway Interiors

Contemporary White & Black

A classic of modern kitchen cabinet design, a combination of white and black has no boundaries or can be limited to a specific cabinet or kitchen style.

In this modern, bright, and airy kitchen, base white cabinets are topped with white quartz countertops. Instead of upper cabinets, we have open shelving in the combination of white and gold mounted on crisp white subway backsplash tiles. Stainless steel sink adds to the contemporary feel while the black hood and La Cornue CornuFe Range give and edge and balancing contrast to this remarkable kitchen space.

Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas for Your Forever Home | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Kitchen Cabinets Styles Designs: Contemporary Black and White. Kitchen Design by Shophouse Interior Architecture + Design

Whimsical and Artsy

Black kitchen built-in cabinetry provides a great backdrop for an eclectic and whimsical style. Artsy kitchens frequently have a riotous mix of colors and materials. This can get overwhelming and end up looking messy instead of creative. Starting with black, charcoal gray or dark brown stain on the cabinets helps to create a cohesive look. This look is bold enough to stand up to art glass bowls, embroidered ethnic tablecloths, and unique craft pieces.

In this kitchen, black laminate kitchen cabinets fit in perfectly the clean, straight open space layout. The minimalist style allows for artistic and creative decor additions to stand out.

Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas for Your Forever Home | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Modern Kitchen Cabinets for an Artistic Look. Kitchen Design by Gavin Green Home Design LLC

Choose Best Kitchen Cabinet Design for Open Floorplans

Homeowners today prefer open floor plans, large doorways or pass through wall cut-outs to completely closed-in rooms these days. The kitchen is visible from the living room, dining room, and possibly from the front entryway. It is important to decorate the open floor kitchen as attractively as any other living space, if not more.

Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas for Your Forever Home | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Modern Open Plan Kitchen. Interior Design by J Design Group

White paint and wood grain have long been the most popular finishes for kitchen shelves and cabinetry. Both bright, white, and dark kitchen cabinets have moved to the forefront of popular home remodeling projects in the New York area and beyond. In a time when natural lighting and clean style are appreciated, painting kitchen furniture black, green, blue or staining it a deep espresso color may seem counter-intuitive. In truth, this bold look adds an unexpected level of style to the most significant room in any home. It provides an unobtrusive backdrop for any other color or decorating scheme.

On the other hand, airy white and soft cream will always stay a classic kitchen cabinet design that will fit perfectly in any kitchen style. More of a safe choice, it will always, undoubtedly, provide an elegant and refined vibe.

Visit Home Art Tile Kitchen & Bath for More Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

Whether your preferred aesthetic is traditional, transitional, elegant, modern and contemporary or whimsical, we have the cabinet design options that you will love. Come over to 35-10 43rd Street Long Island City, New York 11101, and choose kitchen cabinets by design. Black, charcoal gray, espresso-stained or opposite, stark white or soft, gentle gray or cream — we have kitchen cabinet door designs that will add true style to the room.

We can advise you to choose the best wooden kitchen cabinets designs and vintage, classic cabinet designs depending on the positioning and the floor plan of your kitchen space. Create a bold statement or add storage solutions to the background of your kitchen. With our 3D design solution, you will be able to allow more eye-catching decorations to take center stage in your kitchen.

Our designers will help you design your kitchen with the finest cabinetry that will steal all the attention in your home. If you prefer your cabinets to fade into the background so they are not as noticeable as more interesting pieces and decorations, we have the right choice for you. A solid wall of black, deep brown, or white built-in cabinets and shelves will appear to be a solid wall in the distance. And this is just an example of what we can do for you.

Browse our Fabuwood Cabinets, White Shaker Cabinets, Gray Kitchen Cabinets, Traditional Kitchen Cabinets, and Forevermark Cabinets to find the right fit for your kitchen. Explore Kitchen Cabinet Colors and Top 20 Hot Kitchen Trends for even more options. Then contact us for a free estimate.


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