Best Kitchen Cabinet Designs in 2016

The kitchen has always been a utilitarian room. However, only a few unique elements or variations were enjoyed in this room. New trends in kitchen cabinet designs made this space a beautiful style showcase. Open floor plans for entertaining allow guests to mingle in the kitchen. This means the kitchen must be as attractive as the rest of the home. Design, materials, colors and function have all been updated. They reflect a high-end look with chef-quality tools and convenience in Manhattan.

Best Kitchen Cabinet Design 2016

Best Kitchen Cabinet Designs in 2016 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

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The kitchen is a place where heat, food and water combine. All aspects of a kitchen must continue to be stain, heat and water resistant. A natural stone countertop and high-quality cabinetry set the stage for best kitchens. These enhance a home’s decor. They also provide an efficient food preparation area. Traffic flow is designed to accommodate more than one cook and guests in the Brooklyn kitchen. Kitchen cabinets trends include unique drawers and clever cupboards. These remove clutter from a countertop. They also allow quick access to small appliances. Best kitchen cabinet design 2016 is a combination of creative storage options, high-end materials and durable surfaces. These you can clean easily and make the chef’s task a joy.

Best Kitchen Cabinet: Style and Materials

Customized cabinets with beautiful finishes give a high-end look to a home. Today’s designs include many stock cabinets. These stock cabinets have a custom look. This is a way to differentiate your kitchen from your neighbor’s. A personalization goes through a drawer design, hardware style and interior. This means that cookie-cutter cabinetry is a thing of the past in Queens. Cabinetry with clean lines and simple designs ensure a timeless look. Traditional designs such as Shaker cabinets remain popular due to their traditional look. They won’t go out of style. Modern cabinets can last a lifetime with premium wood construction.

Best Kitchen Cabinet Trend: Colors

Best Kitchen Cabinet Designs in 2016 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Kitchen cabinet design image source: Flickr

Kitchen cabinets have traditionally been painted or stained. This is done to allow the beautiful colors of natural wood to shine. Painted and stained cabinets remain popular, but a variety of colors has increased dramatically. They include better durability and the look of exotic hardwoods. New colors are making a debut as well. Black, gray and white kitchens are a new kitchen cabinets trend. These simple colors have a clean look. They provide a modern feel for the best kitchen cabinets in a contemporary kitchen. These simple colors blend seamlessly with natural stone, stainless steel and metal fixtures. They also create an updated look, sleek and new for cabinets design 2016.

Creative Design: Functional Storage

The best kitchen cabinets provide a convenient shelf, slot or drawer for every utensil, pan and dish in the kitchen. Cabinets design 2016 promote creativity and new ideas for the kitchen tools storage. Kitchen cabinets trends are considering the chef’s wants and needs. Manufacturers are creating cabinetry that meets those needs with functional style. A unique, contemporary kitchen should never have to sacrifice function for beauty. The latest designs integrate both as essential elements in the kitchen. Every cabinet in the kitchen is important. Each drawer is optimized to provide convenience and organized storage. Pullout shelving, divided drawers and hidden organizers end the days of messy drawers and deep cupboards with dark, underutilized corners. Options for technology have been added to the kitchen: tablet holders, charging stations and lighting. They keep recipes at your fingertips. As a modern homeowner, there is no reason to settle for a simple stock cabinetry of the past.


Featured image source: Flickr