Taza Blend Lantern Mosaic pattern and others

Taza Blend Lantern Mosaic pattern and others

Taza blend lantern mosaics add a beautiful combination of colors to any home, and you will be instantly impressed with what you see when you make changes to your kitchen or bathrooms. A Taza blend lantern mosaic will change the way you view a particular room in your home, and you must allow yourself to be as creative as possible. Homes in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn will sparkle with new tiles on the walls, and the design possibilities are endless.

How Large Are The Tiles?

Taza blend lantern mosaics are large panels that help you display a splash of color on each new tile. The tiles do not blend together as you complete your installation, and you will see a distinct pattern emerge that honors the color on each tile. Your home in Queens, Manhattan or Brooklyn can take on a style of its own, or you may convert rooms in the eastern style. The tiles you purchase will not overshadow one another, and you will be sure that each tile is recognizable.

How Do You Create Patterns?

Your home in Queens, Manhattan or Brooklyn will benefit from Taza blend lantern mosaics when you create the right patterns. The tiles may be installed as is, or you may split the tiles to create interesting new shapes. The tiles must be split using a stone cutter, and you can create patterns that were not intended by the manufacturer. Your design may require triangles instead of rectangles, and you can create as many triangles as you like.

Which Colors Do You Choose?

The heavy browns and oranges or the eastern world are evident in all Taza blend lantern mosaics, and you will find each tile fading from one color to another. The color fading helps you blend colors from different tiles, and you may create small patches of colors on the wall. Turn a few tiles the right direction to create a patch of brown in one area, and you will see a patch of orange come alive on another part of the wall. Your home in Queens, Manhattan or Brooklyn will take on a new color scheme that is not present in modern paints. You cannot blend paint colors to look like these tiles, and you will get more authentic results.

Taza Blend Lantern Mosaic pattern and others | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Where Should You Use The Tiles?

Taza blend mosaics work well in your kitchen or bathrooms, and you may use these tiles in every room to create a cohesive home design. Your guests will notice immediately that you have the same tiles in your bathroom as they saw in the kitchen, and your home’s design will come together perfectly. Purchase all your tiles at once, and you will ensure that you have enough tiles to complete a full installation. You need several tiles to cover just one wall, and you need extras in the event you are cutting some tiles to create a new design.

Fit Them Into Your Budget?

Taza Blend Lantern Mosaic pattern and others | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

You must find tiles that will fit into your budget, and each project you complete in your home must have its own budget. Do not overspend on your tiles, and ensure that you are getting good value for your money. Each Taza blend mosaic tile you purchase must seem thick for its size, and the tiles should have very strong colors. Tiles that seem weak will fall or break easily.

Your kitchen and bathroom design at home will take a new turn when you are using the right tiles. Eastern tiles made in the Taza tradition work in any home. You may not be familiar with the tiles today, but you may add them to your tomorrow.


Featured image source: Flickr