Marble Tiles Bathroom Renovation in Jamaica, Queens

Marble Tile Bathroom Renovation in Jamaica, Queens

Marble tiles present a highly sophisticated yet durable solution for bathroom remodel projects. Some marble tiles that are as hard as granite can be used for floors. They are one of the most durable flooring options, while polished marble tile looks beautiful when used on bathroom walls.

Bathroom Renovation with Marble Tiles in Jamaica, Queens

Our customer from Jamaica, Queens, decided to renovate their bathroom and use marble tiles. White dolomite marble tile with the honed and polished finish, white Carrara marble mosaic, gray porcelain tile for the accent wall, and pure white quartz for the shower step made this bathroom look just as the homeowners wanted and needed it to look. Excellent quality and durability of these marble tiles ensure their longevity. The luxurious look of marble tiles complements and upgrades the satisfaction and makes everyday use very pleasant.

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Our customer came to Home Art Tile Kitchen & Bath since we are conveniently located close to Jamaica, Queens, to pick and shop for the best marble tiles for their bathroom renovation.

The homeowner found shopping at our Queens tile store pleasant, convenient, and budget-friendly:

Home Art Tile team is the absolute best. They are responsive, knowledgeable and, most importantly, courteous and respectful. I had the pleasure of working with Omar, Mike and Rashid personally in designing and purchasing the materials for a full kitchen and 2 bath renovation for my parents home a few months back. IMO when selecting tiles, cabinets, fixtures etc. the inventory is often similar in many competing businesses. But what made our experience with Home Art Tile special was the customer service. When you’re in the middle of a large renovation as was our case it can often be a very stressful and lengthy process. I was more than pleased that there was no stress, hiccups, or headaches involved in my dealings with Home Art Tile. Also, it helps that their prices were mostly lower than other quotes I had received. I can even say that I was quite demanding and often found myself calling them multiple times a day to make changes/requests. Each time, I was greeted warmly and helped promptly. Our bathrooms and kitchen look amazing. I am now beginning a full renovation for my own home and am pleased to be able to work with Home Art Tile again.

Dolomite Marble Tiles for Bathroom Wall

Our customer picked Dolamito 12×24 polished marble tile for the bathroom wall. This was a great solution, as Dolomite Marble Tiles are harder than regular marble. They are impervious to etching and acids. These marble tiles are also beautiful. This white stone with very gentle and faint gray veins gives sophisticated and elegant yet bold look to any space. When used in the bathroom, dolomite marble tiles make the space look clean and luxurious.

Marble Tiles Bathroom Renovation in Jamaica, Queens | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Dolomite White Polished Marble Tile for Bathroom Wall: Bathroom Renovation in Jamaica, Queens

Dolomite marble tiles can also be used in kitchens, laundry rooms, pathways, hallways, and even for outdoor uses. These durable marble tiles, when used properly and maintained regularly, will stay scratch-free and stainless for years to come. If you are planning a bathroom remodel, take into consideration that marble is a natural stone and that marble tiles won’t allow allergens and germs survive on their surface.

Dolamito 12×24 marble tile used in this Jamaica, Queens bathroom renovation project has polished surface. The polish coat serves as a type of protection and this is the reason why polished marble tiles withstand stains better. Using polished marble tiles on the bathroom floor is not a good idea as they can make the floor very slippery. However, using them on bathroom walls, bathroom countertops, and fireplaces even is highly recommended.

How Should I Maintain Dolomite Polished Marble Tiles?

Polished marble tiles don’t require re-sealing, which is very convenient. Make sure to wipe stains like toothpaste as soon as you can. When cleaning your polished marble tiles, use a small brush, some water, and a mild bleach solution. Don’t brush your marble too roughly and don’t use sand or detergents with too much ammonia as they can damage your marble. If you do as recommended, you will be able to keep your polished marble tiles shiny and sparkling for years.

Dolomite Marble Tiles for Bathroom Floor

When renovating their bathroom in Jamaica, Queens, our customers chose Dolamito 6×24 marble tiles with the honed finish. This was an excellent choice because honed finish marble tiles are not slippery. They are velvety, smooth, and very gentle to the touch. These marble tiles are not as shiny as marble tiles with the polished finish, but they offer almost satin-feel and are one of the safest solutions you can find for bathroom floors. Dolomite marble tiles with honed finish are completely scratch resistant. Even when they get scratched, they won’t show it.

Marble Tiles Bathroom Renovation in Jamaica, Queens | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Dolomite Honed Marble Tiles for Bathroom Floor: Bathroom Renovation in Jamaica, Queens

Since they are highly resistant to scratching, soft to the touch, and not slippery, dolomite marble honed tiles are not recommended only for the bathroom, but also for all high-traffic rooms, like kitchen, living room, mudrooms, foyers, and other.

How to Maintain Dolomite Marble Tiles with Honed Finish?

Maintaining dolomite marble floor tiles with the honed finish is a simple and fast process. Mild household cleaning detergent with bleach is enough. Don’t use regular soap or harsh detergents as they can damage your marble floor tile.

Carrara Marble Mosaic Tile for Shower Floor

MAG937 Carrara Petit Mosaic with the polished finish was what our customer from Jamaica, Queens chose to cover the shower floor. Carrara Marble Petit Mosaic features a unique shape with an artistic touch and luxurious texture. Its geometric style and structure is highly versatile. This quality of Carrara Marble Petit Mosaic Tiles easily changes the look of any space. They are especially effective in emphasizing certain areas in the room or adding width to them. Beautiful and practical in all rooms, not only bathrooms, Carrara Petit Mosaic Marble Tile will bring great strength and tolerance to different kinds of damaging contacts. Their look is stylish, luxurious, and timeless.

Marble Tiles Bathroom Renovation in Jamaica, Queens | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Carrara Marble Mosaic Tile

Gray Glazed Porcelain Tile for the Shower Focus Wall

Antalya Gray 12×24 glazed porcelain tile was used for the shower focus wall in this Jamaica, Queens bathroom renovation project. Tranquil, luxurious look of the Antalya Tile was used to break up the overall whiteness of the bathroom and create a unique and flawless accent.

Glazed porcelain tile is a wonderful solution for bathroom wall as it is highly resistant to staining. A non-porous layer of liquid glass protects it. Glazed porcelain tiles offer a wide range of colors and styles for your bathroom renovation projects.

Marble Tiles Bathroom Renovation in Jamaica, Queens | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Gray Glazed Porcelain Tile

Pure White Quartz for the Shower Step

Our customer from Jamaica, Queens, opted for Pure White Quartz custom cut for the shower step. This is one of the safest, simplest, and most effective solutions.  Not only it emphasizes the attractiveness and luxuriousness of the bathroom, it also provides one of the most secure settings.

Pure White Quartz is absolutely scratch resistant and non-porous. It is easy for maintenance, with no need for polishing or sealing. Pure White Quartz is also highly hygienic because it possesses a natural anti-microbial protection. When you use it using in your bathroom, you basically say no to mold, mildew, and bacteria growth.

To properly maintain it, simply use water and soap, or a mild detergent. If necessary, clean it using a non-abrasive household cleaner that contains bleach directly on a damp sponge, wipe the surface, and rinse thoroughly.

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