23 Bathroom Vanity Ideas You Shouldn’t Miss in 2024

Best Bathroom Vanity Ideas

The best bathroom vanity ideas for your home in 2024 are exclusive, versatile, functional, novel, and beautiful. Whatever style your bathroom is, classic or modern, farmhouse or minimalist, you can be sure that one of these vanity ideas will match perfectly with your taste, needs, and budget.

Being on the top of many wishlists, a vanity can make or break your bathroom design. Besides functional priorities like having enough storage, the right placement, and the best materials matched perfectly, a perfectly customized bathroom vanity presents a unique opportunity to show your style and a one-of-a-kind personality. It’s easy to conclude — if you don’t pick a vanity of the right size and style, the rest of your bathroom will suffer, both visually and functionally, as will your daily routine.

These vanity ideas for bathrooms won’t let that scenario happen. Whether you plan to remodel your powder room, your small, single-vanity bathroom, or a master bathroom, choose something from our list of vanity ideas for your home in 2024. They all provide maximum function and purpose but they also make a statement and present a major fashion element in a home.

The bathroom serves as a sanctuary for rejuvenation and reflection. As we step into 2024, the quest for innovative and stylish bathroom vanities continues to captivate homeowners and designers alike. From sleek minimalism to opulent extravagance, the spectrum of vanity designs promises something for every taste and space. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into 23 captivating bath vanity ideas that redefine functionality and elevate aesthetics. Whether you seek timeless elegance or cutting-edge trends, these inspirations are poised to transform your bathroom into a luxurious retreat, merging form with function seamlessly.

Dual Bathroom Vanity Ideas

From traditional vanity designs to luxurious contemporary creations, and from small bathroom ideas to modern double sink bathroom vanity styles, your bathroom remodel needs all the resources possible for the best result and effect. We’ve made some seriously gorgeous and exclusive bath vanity ideas so you can choose the right style for your dual bathroom vanity remodel.

Bathroom vanities usually come in two sizes — single and double vanity. While single vanity will measure about 21.5 to 23 inches deep and be approximately 24 inches at the narrowest to 49 inches at the widest, double vanity will be the same depth, but the width could range from 60 to 73 inches or more, depending on the space and whether it’s custom made or not. These dimensions will determine how much the countertops will cost if you’re using an expensive stone countertop.

If you have enough square footage in your bathroom, installing double vanity in it is a great idea. Not only that you will get more storage space but morning and evening routines will be more efficient and enjoyable for all the members of your household.

Here are some of the best double vanity bathroom ideas, dual bathroom vanity, or double sink vanity ideas for your ideal bath space in 2024.

Positano 48″ Double Vanity by Blossomus

This dual, all-wood vanity is resistant to any distortion or damage when handled according to instructions, and provides an elegant and modern look and feel. The vanity model provides large storage space, an attractive look, classic wall hung, soft-close drawers, five-layer paint for longevity and greater resistance to humidity, and an optional side cabinet for extra storage and better functionality and organization in your bathroom. As one of the latest releases from Blossomus, we believe this double vanity model by Blossomus will be a huge success in 2024.

23 Bathroom Vanity Ideas You Shouldn't Miss in 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Positano 48″ Double Vanity by Blossomus

Check out more double vanity bathroom ideas from Blossomus.

Britney 48 Inch Double Sink Transitional Ash Blue Bathroom Vanity by Eviva

One of the most popular modern bathroom vanity ideas 2024 will be those in creative and ingenious colors and textures — something you don’t see every day. Britney bathroom vanity We have had a great experience with this bathroom vanity manufacturer and we saw the quality, performance, beauty, and functionality they provide. This particular vanity is one of the most beautiful bathroom vanities we’ve had an opportunity to distribute and offer to our customers.

It comes with an elegant and durable Carrara marble countertop, and a stylish undermount ceramic sink, while rich paint keeps the vanity safe from any damage from regular, everyday use and makes it attractive. Soft-closing doors and soft-closing drawers make for convenient and functional storage space for any items you and your family use on an everyday basis.

23 Bathroom Vanity Ideas You Shouldn't Miss in 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Double bathroom vanity — Britney 48 Inch Double Sink Transitional Ash Blue by Eviva

There are more double vanity bathroom ideas from Eviva vanity manufacturer that you can use to get inspired for your bathroom remodeling project. Be sure that vanity will make the strongest impact on the look of your bathroom space.

Small Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Vanity single sink ideas or small vanity ideas are about 21.5 to 22 inches deep and approximately 24 inches at the narrowest to 49 inches at the widest. This makes them very suitable for any bathroom size, especially suited for small NYC apartments. If your bathroom is tiny and needs a major refresh, these bathroom vanity single sink ideas can bring in a major change.

Finding bathroom vanity cabinets small enough but with still plenty of storage can present a major challenge. These small vanity ideas will enable you to use the available square footage better and live larger than you hoped for. Small bathroom vanities often provide high-end style without overrunning the space. With drawers and doors for storing necessary items you usually need in your bathroom and use on an everyday basis, small vanities can be as beautiful as they are practical.

Make the most out of your small vanity space and your tiny bathroom. Take a look at these small space-friendly vanity ideas.

006 Series – 24 Inch Single Sink Vanity by Dowell

Coming in Metallic Brass, Dark Blue, and Oak Natural style and finish, this small wood bathroom vanity gives you a chance to combine beauty, functionality, and quality at an affordable price. A unique, true home spa experience is actually possible with this charming vanity that bursts with style. It goes well with contemporary bathroom trends and is sure to pair with any elements you already have in your bath space. But other than that, it also offers the required amount of storage space, longevity, durability, and quality you need for your bathroom and yourself, and comes at an affordable price. These benefits are very important and are the first to look for when shopping for the right small bathroom vanity for your bathroom remodel.

23 Bathroom Vanity Ideas You Shouldn't Miss in 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Small bathroom vanity idea — 24 Inch Single Sink by Dowell

There are many small bathroom vanities in Dowell vanity catalog that will save you money while providing a stunning modern look to a bathroom.

Alpine Vanity 20″ — White Marble by Fine Fixtures

Sometimes a single-sink bathroom vanity is all you can fit in your small bathroom. But don’t worry, there is plenty of choices. Ensure the other surfaces are kept clutter-free by adding a single sink vanity with practical and big enough storage space. You can maximize space and add more storage space by mounting a cabinet or additional shelves on the wall. The best news is that by opting for a single-sink vanity you don’t have to waive elegance and style. That’s just the case with this Alpine Vanity 20″ — White Marble by Fine Fixtures.

Who says that a wall-mounted vanity must be an apparent or typical choice? This floating bathroom single-sink vanity may be just what you need in your NYC bathroom.

23 Bathroom Vanity Ideas You Shouldn't Miss in 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Bathroom vanity single sink ideas — Alpine Vanity 20″ – White Marble by Fine Fixtures

Fine Fixtures vanities, any of their particular small bath vanity ideas, can be perfect for your bath space. The look of marble and other ingenious finishes can create an impact like no other.

Blue Vanity Bathroom Ideas

Your bathroom vanity can be much more than a functional addition to your bathroom and your home. It can be a beautiful, stylish, and trendy addition that will excite, refresh, and help you relax any time you enter your bathroom. If this is what you desire to achieve with your bathroom remodel, feel free to elevate its aesthetics with the sophisticated appeal that blue vanity bathroom ideas offer. Combine a storage area painted in an attractive blue finish with the right basin, and transform your bathroom from regular to raising with blue vanity bathroom ideas or navy blue vanity bathroom ideas — whichever you prefer. Both will imbue your shower room with an elegant, almost royal look and feel, and add opulence, as well as a deeply comforting, relaxing ambiance.

Whether your home and bathroom are modern, classic, transitional, or farmhouse-inspired and designed, these blue vanity bathroom ideas will work perfectly. Besides that, they will also pair nicely with any other elements and hues. Paired with white, a blue or navy blue vanity will provide a sophisticated contrast. Combined with wood, it will add character and depth. As you can see, you can make no mistake with blues in your bathroom.

Check out these navy blue vanity bathroom ideas and blue vanity bathroom ideas if you’re planning an upgrade or a complete remodel of your NYC bathroom.

Ashley Blue Bathroom Cabinet by Otto Home Goods

This free-standing blue bathroom vanity cabinet comes with a marble or quartz countertop, and an undermount porcelain sink. Mirrors are also available to add. Made of solid, manufactured wood, with soft-close solid wood dovetail drawers and soft-close doors, Hettich German-made door, and drawers hardware, gold handles, or optionally with brushed nickel handles, Ashley blue bathroom vanity by Otto Home Goods is everything you could have hoped for. Blue, white, and gold, just as brushed nickel, is the perfect combination when creating an inspiring, refreshing, and refined space where you can take the best care of yourself and your family.

23 Bathroom Vanity Ideas You Shouldn't Miss in 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Ashley Blue Bathroom Cabinet by Otto Home Goods

Blue vanity bathroom ideas from Otto Home Goods can help you get inspired, imagine your spa space, and choose the perfect shade of blue for your bathroom vanity.

Hartford 24″ Blue Traditional Bathroom Vanity by Fresca

This navy blue vanity is one of the best navy blue vanity bathroom ideas if you love a more traditional aesthetic quality in your bathroom. It also works great as a stylish addition to a transitional-inspired bath space. Fresca’s Hartford series bathroom vanity in navy color comes with an integrated white ceramic belly bowl that creates a magnificent contrast to the navy blue, highly refined cabinet. Its chic design achieved with navy blue color and vertical lines, this vanity also provides you with other attractive and much-needed qualities such as soft-close doors and storage space. The vanity boasts beautiful satin nickel handles that provide additional refinement, while the furniture-style toe-kick adds another highly appealing finishing touch.

23 Bathroom Vanity Ideas You Shouldn't Miss in 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Navy blue vanity bathroom ideas — Fresca Hartford 24″ Blue Traditional Bathroom Vanity

If navy blue vanity bathroom ideas are the ones that inspire you the most, Fresca vanity manufacturer can help you find the perfect navy blue vanity design for your new bathroom.

Gray Bath Vanity Ideas

One of the most popular bathroom remodeling ideas is adding or replacing a vanity. However, it is not always easy to pick the right color. A wide choice of bathroom vanity colors is available and offers an opportunity to create a bathroom design of your own choice. But you may feel overwhelmed by all those string colors like blue, green, even orange and red. If you prefer something neutral, and calming, without too big of an impact on the style of your bathroom space, then looking into gray cabinet vanity ideas is something you can do right now.

Highly functional, neutral, and practical, gray bathroom ideas give you plenty of inspiration for the addition you urgently need in your bathroom space. The vanity is one of the largest pieces you will add to your bathroom so it’s expected that it will have the most powerful impact on the overall style. This is why it is so important to think, plan, and carefully choose the right one. If you didn’t connect with other colors and you simply don’t see them in your unique bath space, then one of these gray bath vanity ideas can be just what you’re looking for.

Geneva 48″ Gray Vanity by Blossom

Gray is one of the most versatile, neutral colors or shades that is easy and will fit with any other color in your bathroom. This is why it is so easy to decide in its favor when choosing the best vanity for your bathroom. It also fits with any style — from traditional and classic, to contemporary and minimalist. Simply put, you cannot make a mistake if you choose a vanity dressed in gray.

We would like to present you with this gray vanity by Blossom from their Geneva Series. Our design team recommends this particular vanity because it comes with soft-closing doors, full-extension soft-closing drawers with dovetail constructions, adjustable screws for legs, a Carrara Marble countertop with backsplash, ceramic undermount basin, wood-frame mirrors, LED mirrors, LED medicine cabinets. You can also choose between brush nickel and brush gold hardware. If you prefer a gray vanity over any other, we recommend this one as a smart buy.

23 Bathroom Vanity Ideas You Shouldn't Miss in 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Geneva 48″ Gray Vanity by Blossom

If this is something you like, Blossom Catalog may have the perfect bathroom vanity solution for your bathroom.

Double-Sink Gray Bathroom Vanity

With plenty of storage space, one or two sinks, one large or two mirrors, sufficient countertop space made of luxurious marble or practical and pretty quartz, and adequate lighting, your bathroom vanity will be the key to defining your bathroom style and function. Add some art pieces and plants, and you easily get a head-turner that will take breaths away.

Guaranteed to turn heads and catch your eyes every time you enter the bathroom, gray vanities look gorgeous just as miraculously effective and practical as they are. You can find them in a range of materials, with wood painted in several layers always preferred. But if you want a state-of-the-art and on-trend option, we recommend a combination that includes marble, wood, and brushed nickel or brushed gold. This winner combo from the cabinets, countertop, and hardware will provide you with the quality, durability, and high style you’re looking for.

23 Bathroom Vanity Ideas You Shouldn't Miss in 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Double-Sink Gray Bathroom Vanity; source: Pexels

Don’t stop exploring bathroom vanity cabinets if you haven’t yet found the perfect one. And you’ll know that it is the one when you see it.

White Vanity Bathroom Ideas

Tranquility, and cleanliness — that is what our home spas are all about — spaces where we’re allowed to start our days the way we want and unwind after a long day at work.  After all, it is important for a bathroom to be free of mess and clutter, to be clean and relaxing. It’s a small, private sanctuary where you can find refuge when you need it. With that in mind, a white vanity will never fail your expectations. If relaxation and cleanliness are your top priorities when thinking about an ideal bathroom, the white vanity bathroom ideas are something that you want to look into in more detail.

Don’t forget about functionality, the practical goals of your bathroom remodel, or the overall aesthetics and design you wish to achieve. With white vanity as a functional and decor element, you will have a good starting point for any of your aesthetic goals. A white vanity is pretty in itself. The calm, the simplicity, the sleekness of design — every aspect of it gives you great potential for achieving what you imagined.

If your bath space is small, it will greatly benefit from a white vanity design. But feel free to play with another color of countertop if you prefer. Just make sure your vanity has ample storage for essentials as this is so important in situations where you’re short on square footage.

Our white vanity bathroom ideas will be of great help even if your bathroom is large. A white vanity will give you the freedom in creating a unique design of your own choosing, and, guess what, your white vanity doesn’t have to be small. With a large white vanity, you’ll get tons of storage space, ample countertop space, and enough room for two people to carry out their morning routine at once.

Chelsea 40′ Antique White Vanity by Dragonwood

Your white bathroom vanity doesn’t have to be just a plain simple white piece of furniture if you prefer something richer but would like for it to come in a somewhat more luxurious form. If that’s your situation, we have the perfect solution for you. Chelsea 40′ Vanity by Dragonwood comes in an antique white, special shade of white that is powered by traditional, classic lines enriched with ornaments. It’s white but it’s not simple, and it’s beautiful!

This is one of the best white vanity bathroom ideas when you wish to achieve a timeless traditional, warm, homey, rustic, and farmhouse look.

23 Bathroom Vanity Ideas You Shouldn't Miss in 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

White vanity bathroom ideas — Chelsea Antique White by Dragonwood

Dragoonwood manufacturer of bathroom vanities offers classic, even antique lines and detailing, providing an appeal that is truly different from what you can usually find in bathroom vanity showrooms.

Single-Sink White Bathroom Vanity

We cannot wait to show you how a small white bathroom vanity can help your design fulfill its full potential. There is always a chance that your white vanity will turn out to be too simple, or too plain. However, it really doesn’t have to be like that. On the contrary, white vanities leave plenty of creative freedom for you to emphasize the details or elements you would like to.

23 Bathroom Vanity Ideas You Shouldn't Miss in 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

White vanity and marble-looking wall tiles aesthetic

For example, in one of our projects we completed in NYC, you can clearly see how the simplicity and soothing appearance of a white bathroom vanity helped marble-looking wall tiles to shine. The movement is supported by stillness, and the color is supported by whiteness. It’s everything to wish for in your new bathroom design, isn’t it?

By exploring further our trusted vanity cabinet vendors, you can see what other kinds of white vanities you can find in our showroom,

Black Vanity Bathroom Ideas

The bathroom is the one room in your home that doesn’t have to be, look or feel spacious in order to provide you with a perfect relaxation spot. It’s enough to give you everything needed to enable everyday routines for all the members of your family. And this is a good thing because it gives you space for any style, texture, and color preferences to implement in your bathroom. So if you love black and would love to see it in your bathroom, feel free to do so. Whether you’d like to add just some black details or you wish to add a whole black vanity to your bathroom, there are many options to implement.

Having in mind that there is plenty of white, cream, beige, and other neutral hues in any bathroom, decorating your bathroom with a black vanity makes perfect sense. A black vanity will create a powerful visual impact and provide a gorgeous focal point. Black says style, sophistication, and refinement, so you cannot go wrong with it. Pair it with luxurious handles and pulls, as well as with an elegant mirror, and you got yourself a rich, expensive-looking bathroom with minimum investments.

Modern Black Bathroom Vanity

The polished, shiny, modern bathroom vanity with minimalist lines and flat panel doors is the perfect picture of a contemporary bathroom suitable for any modern home. Sleek black vanity will easily pair with any other decor elements you have in your bathroom, whether your bathroom is new or not. Choosing a sleek, polished shiny finish for your black bathroom vanity will look amazing in a simple classic, transitional, or modern bathroom.

23 Bathroom Vanity Ideas You Shouldn't Miss in 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Black vanity bathroom ideas: contemporary style; source: Pexels

Paired with white, gray, or black marble, with suitable lighting, and plenty of other straight, simple, minimalist lines in the bathroom, a modern, shiny black vanity will dominate the bathroom while creating and completing the perfect visual harmony.

Traditional Black Bathroom Vanity

And although when we talk about black vanities we mostly imagine modern, contemporary settings, the truth is that black vanities are not made only for modern, minimalist bathrooms. There are also black vanities with different finishes, lines, and details that make them perfect for a classic, traditional, or even shabby chic bathrooms.

23 Bathroom Vanity Ideas You Shouldn't Miss in 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Black vanity bathroom ideas: traditional, classic style; source: Pexels

The finish and the detailing in the vanity doors will make the most important impact on the overall style of your black bathroom vanity. A distressed finish on black painted wood, with decorative handles and pulls, will create a different kind of feel than the one that creates a minimalist modern black vanity. The classic black vanity will exude the sophistication of a different kind — warm, familiar, historical, eclectic, and even rustic.

Dark Brown Vanity Bathroom Ideas

The dark brown color is very popular because it creates a cozy and comfortable ambiance filled with warmth and familiarity. Nothing says homey, secure, and intimate better than dark brown wood color. This particular shade of brown says welcome wherever you see it. It’s connected to nature as it symbolizes the natural color of wood and earth, and we feel it is the most natural color to have around us.

On the other hand, when it comes to design and style, dark brown color is very easy to combine and pair with other colors textures, and patterns. Whether you wish to create a modern, contemporary, transitional, classic, or eclectic style bathroom, there are many dark brown vanity bathroom ideas and product solutions that will make your plan possible.

Subtle, warm, familiar — dark brown wood vanity is a safe solution for many bathrooms that you cannot go wrong with. These are the two dark brown vanity bathroom ideas for you to get started on your quest to find the perfect solution for your home spa.

Modern Eviva Lugano 24-inch Oak Bathroom Vanity

This 24-inch modern bathroom vanity made of oak wood with a white integrated acrylic sink is one of the most popular dark brown vanity bathroom ideas. And it may be just what your bathroom needs. With a modern, cutting-edge contemporary design and flat panel cabinet doors, it’s highly sought after in a wide variety of homes. White integrated sink and simple, straightforward handles and pulls make this Eviva brown oak bathroom vanity a dream come true.

23 Bathroom Vanity Ideas You Shouldn't Miss in 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Dark brown vanity bathroom ideas: Eviva Oak

Add the right shape, style, and color of wall and floor tiles, and other attractive details, and you get the perfect bathroom area that you will not want to change for years to come.

Classic Dark Brown Bathroom Vanity

Just as you can achieve a beautiful bathroom design with a modern style dark brown vanity, you can create a traditional, classic dream bathroom just as easily with this pretty shade of brown. Shaker-style vanity doors and topped with marble vanity top — this double sink vanity is the perfect pairing for any classic or transitional bathroom style.

23 Bathroom Vanity Ideas You Shouldn't Miss in 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Dark brown vanity bathroom ideas: classic style; source: Pexels

And just look at the contrast this vanity creates with the rest of the bathroom. The marble top adds classic beauty but also complements the functionality and quality the vanity already provides. White walls and light wood flooring help this lovely dark brown wood vanity to shine.

Green Vanity Bathroom Ideas

Adding colors other than white, beige, or cream to your bathroom is not an easy decision. If you have a favorite interior decor color that is already present in your home, then the decision you need to bring for your bathroom is a bit easier. But if you mostly stick with safe colors like mentioned neutrals, browns, and grays, bringing in a color that will create a more powerful effect and bring change will be a challenge.

Our designers recommend looking at bathroom vanity ideas that are currently on trend but also those that are evergreen. And when we say evergreen, we say it on purpose. Green vanity bathroom ideas are popular for many years now, making them evergreen and choosing one of many shades of green for your bathroom vanity will make for a safe solution.

Youth, growth, prosperity, nature, cleanliness — these are the first associations that come to mind (and heart) when we talk about introducing green color to the bathroom design. If you think you’re onto something when looking into green vanities for your bathroom, you’ll be encouraged by the versatile palette of available green bathroom vanities, ranging from dark green and forest green shades to pastel pistachio.

Forest Green Bathroom Vanity Cabinet by Otto Home Goods

A comforting but also the high-end ambiance is guaranteed with this forest green bathroom vanity by Otto Home Goods. Made of eco-friendly MDF painted in forest green, with an integrated porcelain white sink, brushed nickel handles, and a Hettich drawer system, this particular bathroom vanity is pretty and whimsical just as it is modern and on-trend.

23 Bathroom Vanity Ideas You Shouldn't Miss in 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Green vanity bathroom ideas: Forest Green

The good news is that, although it is exclusive, this vanity is available in well-stocked bath showrooms and stores. It is also well worth the money and is well-priced.

Gray Green Bathroom Vanity by Dowell

The color green can be neutral just like any other color when combined with neutral tones of gray. This gray-green painted bathroom vanity features a soft, mellow shade of green, perfect for your bathroom vanity update. Made of RPVC, a new green, environment-friendly material that is also waterproof and cracking-resistant, it also features modern, minimalist black handles and pulls.

23 Bathroom Vanity Ideas You Shouldn't Miss in 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Gray Green Bathroom Vanity 020 Series- 48 Inch by Dowell USA

With a green wall cabinet next to the large mirror also bordered with gray-green color, this green bathroom vanity is a perfect solution for anyone who wants a new neutral in their bathroom with a twist.

Modern Bathroom Vanity Ideas

From mid-century modern bathroom vanity options to the farmhouse, industrial, and contemporary, to rustic designs, vanities come in various shapes, sizes, colors, materials, and finishes. You can choose wall-mounted, floating, single-sink vanities, as well as washstands for petite bathrooms. If your space requires a custom-made vanity, you can find many options but you can also design your own. Large bathrooms will welcome modern double sink vanities, from simple styled to colorful and cheerful designs.

There are many bath vanity ideas, but perhaps the most modern of them all are floating and wall-mounted vanity options.

Wall-mounted and floating bathroom vanities help free up space and allow for more airflow, so a bathroom looks larger and feels lighter. Combined with white subway tile backsplash, the result is even more effective. If you believe that a wall-mounted or a floating vanity would be the right option for your small bathroom, you’ll be glad to know that there is an extensive range of these vanities, in many shapes, sizes, colors, and styles, delivering maximum customized and personalized luxury with high useability in any style of bathroom. An additional advantage is that wall-mounted and floating vanities free up the floor space, making it easier to clean and more sanitary.

Modern Floating Bathroom Vanity

Luxury doesn’t come only in dark finishes. All modern vanity ideas for bathrooms introduce a wealth of choices, with modern floating bathroom vanity options in white color. This white, floating bathroom vanity, comes with white flat-panel doors bordered with black, in a minimalist style. In an all-light and bright bathroom space, a charming contrast is achieved by adding details in black.

23 Bathroom Vanity Ideas You Shouldn't Miss in 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Modern bathroom vanity: floating style by Blossom

This modern floating vanity by Blossom comes in an easy-clean high gloss finish, full-extension drawers, and compatible sinks. Ergonomic handles and compatible black metal legs are also available if you would like to change the style of your vanity.

Modern Wall-Mounted Bathroom Vanity

Modern wall-mounted vanity options, along with floating possibilities were often found in previous years in commercial settings. Luckily, they are slowly emerging in residential bathroom spaces as well, used in master bathrooms and as a modern vanity makeup solution in powder rooms, as well.

23 Bathroom Vanity Ideas You Shouldn't Miss in 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Modern wall-mounted vanity idea; source: Unsplash

Various combinations of vanities and sinks can look truly elegant and expensive. If you don’t need a lot of storage space, consider minimalist vanity with just a few drawers and a simple sink. The elegance can be achieved with a breathtaking marble tile choice.

Luxury Bathroom Vanities

Adding a little bit of luxury to your bathroom and home is something that no one will say no to if the price is right. And it’s actually not hard to add luxury to a bathroom. All you need are some elements that say luxury more than anything else. Marble, gold, brushed nickel, black, large lighting pieces, custom moldings, touch-free vanity doors, high contrast colors, rich textures, bold movements, and spa-like details can make your bathroom look and feel truly opulent.

Now, what of these elements are easy to combine in a vanity?

High contrast colors like white and black, gold and brushed nickel handles, bold movements in a marble top, touch-free doors… these are more than enough to make your bathroom a luxurious centerpiece in your bathroom space. Keep in mind that quartz that looks like marble on countertops especially can make your bathroom look gloriously luxurious.

Luxurious Touch-Free Black Vanity

Wood black vanity that features flat vanity doors that are free of handles and pulls because they are touch-free is perfect to use to create a luxurious, showstopping bathroom interior. Topped with two white porcelain sinks, this highly sophisticated bathroom vanity is one of the simplest yet most effective bathroom remodel ideas for your home when you wish to make it modern and refined.

23 Bathroom Vanity Ideas You Shouldn't Miss in 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Luxury bathroom vanity; source: Pexels

Add some gold details and touches, and the right lighting, and you get the perfect design your family and guests will enjoy.

Large White Vanity Surrounded with Marble

When you have enough square footage in your bathroom that’s enough luxury as it is. However, if you have imagination and creativity on how to make it truly luxurious, you certainly should put those ideas to work. Large white bathroom vanity with full-width wall mirror, shiny handles and pulls, and marble tiles all around say luxury more than anything else.

23 Bathroom Vanity Ideas You Shouldn't Miss in 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Luxury white vanity surrounded by marble; source: Pexels

Our bathroom designers recommend a shiny, silky finish for any white vanity options. For one, this type of finish is very easy to clean and protects your vanity from moisture. Add designer lighting and some vibrant green plants, and you get a bathroom so great looking that it can be featured on the cover of Homes and Gardens.

Go Retro with a Wood Vanity

Embracing the timeless allure of retro design, incorporating a wood vanity into your bathroom space can infuse warmth, character, and a sense of nostalgia. In 2024, the trend of going retro with wood vanities continues to captivate design enthusiasts, offering a charming alternative to contemporary styles.

Opting for a wood vanity allows you to channel the rustic charm of bygone eras while adding a touch of natural beauty to your bathroom. Whether you prefer the rich tones of mahogany, the warmth of oak, or the rugged elegance of reclaimed wood, there’s a myriad of options to suit every taste and aesthetic.

23 Bathroom Vanity Ideas You Shouldn't Miss in 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

One of the key advantages of wood vanities is their versatility. They can seamlessly complement various design themes, from farmhouse chic to mid-century modern, adding depth and character to any space. Pairing a wood vanity with vintage-inspired fixtures and accessories further enhances the retro vibe, creating a cohesive and inviting atmosphere.

Wood vanities often boast excellent craftsmanship and durability, ensuring longevity and enduring style. With proper care and maintenance, they can withstand the test of time, becoming cherished focal points in your bathroom for years to come. Try pairing them with ceramic tile shower ideas for a full retro effect.

Whether you’re renovating a historic home or simply seeking to infuse your space with a touch of nostalgia, a wood vanity offers a timeless elegance that transcends fleeting trends. So, why not take a step back in time and go retro with a wood vanity, transforming your bathroom into a haven of vintage charm and enduring beauty?

Bathroom Vanity Ideas on a Budget

If you’re shopping for a bathroom vanity on a budget, we also have some ideas that will set you at ease. Because injecting your bathroom with personality, satisfying your storage and style needs, and staying on trend, without breaking the bank, is possible.

The focal point in any bathroom is always on the vanity and mirror set, so updating these, in particular, will be worth your while. Whether you need to update or change your vanity in a master or primary bathroom, powder room, guest bathroom, or even the laundry room, the good news is that you don’t need to dread the change. You can acquire a brand new-looking bathroom in a matter of days, thanks to the many affordable bathroom vanity options that are on a budget yet are functional, beautiful, and even unique.

Small Bathroom Vanity that Saves Your Buck

An all-wood, Barcelona 24-inch Gray Oak Vanity that possesses all the functional and visual perks helped us remodel a bathroom in Astoria, Queens, NYC.

23 Bathroom Vanity Ideas You Shouldn't Miss in 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Bathroom vanity on a budget: an example from our bathroom remodel project in Astoria, Queens, NYC

This bathroom in Astoria Queens defies the common belief that bathrooms are cold spaces with warm shades and earthy tones. Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath design team created this spa-like bathroom where you actually want to stay in and relax after a long day. It is a single-sink vanity that fits perfectly with the rest of the space while providing sufficient storage at an affordable price.

All-White Bathroom Vanity that Expands Space and Saves Money

When looking for a bathroom vanity on a budget, s single-sink, all-white bathroom vanity can help you visually expand the space in your small bathroom and save you money at the same time.

23 Bathroom Vanity Ideas You Shouldn't Miss in 2024 | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Bathroom vanity on a budget: our bath remodel project in NY

With a simple white porcelain sink and enough storage space for your bathroom essentials, this small bathroom vanity meets your needs without breaking the bank. We helped this kitchen and bath remodel project in NY with our design services and product selection.

Bathroom Vanity Ideas FAQ

  1. What type of vanity is best for a small bathroom?

A type of vanity that is best for a small bathroom is the one that fits the size of the space, looks great, provides necessary storage, and has enough countertop surface. Since we’re talking about a small bathroom, it’s always best to choose a light-colored vanity, preferably freestanding, with mirrored doors. Mirrors visually create a larger space, while light colors do the same. When thinking about storage, consider mixing open shelves and closed doors, to make enough space for any bathroom essentials. Since the space is small, you cannot expect an abundance of storage space, but this is an effective way to acquire both the looks and the functionality you need.

2. What color bathroom vanity is the most popular?

The most popular bathroom vanity color is white. Tradition, function, and classic beauty make white so attractive and desirable in any bathroom, big or small. Whether you prefer cool or warm white, ivory, vanilla, cream, or eggshell, there is a great variety of shades of white to choose from. If in doubt, you should be aware that white doesn’t have to be boring or plain when smartly combined with the right hardware and other accent colors.

3. What will be the trend for bathroom vanities in 2024?

While classic white is traditionally the most popular color trend for bathroom vanities, interior designers expect that the trend for bathroom vanities 2024 will be introducing more color, patterns, and texture. Dark accents, elegant lines, refined shapes, unique vanity lighting, and remarkable stone vanity surfaces are something to enjoy in your bathroom in 2024, according to designers.

4. What is the most durable material for bathroom vanity?

Medium-density fiberboard (MDF), plywood, Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and solid wood are the most commonly used materials for bathroom vanities. However, solid wood is the most durable material for bathroom vanity cabinets. While it’s strong and resistant to humidity when finished the right way, it’s also beautiful and gives your bathroom an appeal of timeless beauty.

5. Is it better to have a single or double vanity?

A single or double vanity is a question of your needs and the square footage available in your bathroom. Naturally, double-sink vanities are better to have, especially if you have children. Even with just two people in the household, it is better to enjoy a dual bathroom vanity as it saves your time, eases stress, and provides more convenience, especially in the morning and evening hours. However, if you’re limited by square footage, you may have to accept a single-sink vanity which doesn’t have to be all that bad if the vanity is smart storage-wise.

6. What countertop is best for a bathroom vanity?

The best countertops for a bathroom vanity are quartz countertops. In our showroom, you can choose from many options; among them are Caesarstone, MS International, Quartz Master, and other manufacturer brands. Ceaserstone countertops are probably the most popular bathroom vanity countertops in our showroom. Resistance to chipping, staining, and humidity, incredible flexibility, almost maintenance-free, with a variety of design options that include real stone and marble lookalikes, quartz is probably the best stone for bathroom vanity.

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7. How much should you spend on a bathroom vanity?

Bathroom vanity cost can range depending on its size and whistle and bells it may or may not include. Stock bathroom vanity will cost less than a custom-made vanity. A single-sink vanity will cost less than a double-sink bathroom vanity. The price of a bathroom vanity will depend on the material that it is made of, the type of hardware, and whether sinks or faucets are included. Countertop stone will also affect the price of a bathroom vanity. A bathroom vanity made of solid wood will cost more than a bathroom vanity made of plywood. When budgeting for a bathroom vanity, also consider the price of installation which can go up to $1000 per vanity unit. Overall, you can expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $4000 for a bathroom vanity, depending on the items explained above.

8. How long should a bathroom vanity last?

The durability and longevity of a bathroom vanity largely depend on the quality of materials used, the level of craftsmanship, and proper maintenance. A well-made vanity constructed from durable materials such as solid wood or high-quality engineered wood can last for decades with regular care. On average, a bathroom vanity should endure for at least 10 to 20 years before requiring significant repairs or replacement. Factors like moisture exposure, usage frequency, and environmental conditions can also influence its lifespan. Investing in a reputable brand and opting for timeless designs can contribute to prolonging the vanity’s durability and aesthetic appeal.

9. How do I choose a bathroom vanity?

When selecting a bathroom vanity, consider both style and functionality to ensure it meets your needs. Start by measuring the available space to determine the appropriate size and configuration. Think about your storage requirements and opt for a vanity with sufficient drawers and cabinets to accommodate your toiletries. Choose a material that is durable and water-resistant, such as solid wood or moisture-resistant engineered wood. Also, coordinate the vanity’s design with the overall aesthetic of your bathroom, whether it’s modern, traditional, or somewhere in between.

10. When should I replace my bathroom vanity?

Consider replacing your bathroom vanity if it shows signs of significant wear and tear, such as warped or water-damaged surfaces, loose hinges, or deteriorating finishes. Another indication for replacement is when the vanity no longer meets your functional needs, such as inadequate storage space or outdated design. If you’re renovating your bathroom and aiming for a fresh look, replacing the vanity can be a pivotal part of the upgrade. In case you notice structural issues like sagging or instability, it’s a good idea to invest in a new vanity to ensure safety and longevity. Make sure to trust your instincts and assess whether the current vanity aligns with your aesthetic preferences and lifestyle requirements.

11. How hard is it to install a vanity?

Installing a vanity can vary in difficulty depending on factors such as your experience level, the complexity of the installation, and the type of vanity being installed. For those with basic DIY skills and familiarity with plumbing and carpentry, installing a pre-assembled vanity with existing plumbing connections can be relatively straightforward. However, if modifications to plumbing or cabinetry are required, or if you’re installing a custom-built vanity, the process may be more challenging and time-consuming. It’s important to carefully follow manufacturer instructions and consult online tutorials or seek professional assistance if needed. While installing a vanity can be manageable for some, it’s essential to assess your comfort level and seek assistance if unsure.

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Bathroom vanities stand as both functional necessities and aesthetic focal points. As we traverse through the myriad of possibilities offered by 23 captivating bathroom vanity ideas for 2024, it becomes evident that the choices are as diverse as they are inspiring. Whether you’re drawn to the clean lines of contemporary minimalism, the timeless elegance of traditional designs, or the bold statements of avant-garde concepts, the options are boundless. However, beyond mere style, the essence of a well-chosen vanity lies in its ability to seamlessly merge form with function, enhancing the overall ambiance of the bathroom while catering to practical needs. With careful consideration and an eye for detail, each vanity becomes not just a piece of furniture, but a reflection of personal style and a cornerstone of modern living spaces.

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