Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Your Home

Are you looking for some bathroom remodel ideas to inspire your renovation and kick start your project? We’ve prepared a wealth of modern bathroom remodel ideas, from the master, medium, and small bathroom remodel ideas, with tub or with shower, to guest bathroom remodel ideas in various colors, patterns, textures, and assorted materials.

Everything you want to see is right here. Forget about the easiest, uninventive cookie-cutter bathroom design solutions, get your decoration ideas going, and envision your own, unique, serene, and blissful bathroom space.

Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Can a small bathroom be your personal favorite room in the house? Of course, it can!

Small bathrooms, if well planned and organized to include everything you need to unwind and relax, can absolutely be the room you not only use because you need to but because you also enjoy it.

However, the organization of a small bathroom may not be the problem as big as trying to make it look bigger than it is. This is a struggle that many people living in Manhattan are no strangers to. Often limited natural light, a number of fixtures you need to squeeze in, and lack of square footage make small bathrooms the most challenging rooms to organize and decorate to be and look comfortable.

However, if you plan your small bathroom remodeling project well, not only you will be able to fit everything but also make your space look bigger and brighter.

Here are some bathroom remodel ideas for small bathrooms to help you make the most of the square footage given.

Add Enough Storage with Open Shelving

One of the growing bathroom remodeling trends is adding more storage with open shelves in both small and large bathrooms. While a sound and practical choice for large bathrooms, cabinetry storage can look bulky and heavy in a small bathroom space. So rather than piling towels and other accessories behind the closed door of a closed cabinet, consider open shelving or open vanity to store necessary items in style. There are many options to incorporate this growing bathroom remodeling trend. You only need to choose the ones that fit your needs and your bathroom style.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Your Home | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Small bathroom design ideas: floating shelves

Save Space with a Freestanding Basin

One of the low-budget small bathroom remodel ideas is incorporating a freestanding basin instead of a vanity. Basins come in a number of styles and designs and will free up a lot of space in the bathroom, especially the floor. Every inch counts in small spaces and basins are so compact, so make sure to choose a design that fits your small bathroom perfectly. You can go traditional or choose a minimalist, graphic look.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Your Home | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Bathroom remodel ideas for small bathrooms: go with a basin instead of a vanity

Add a Small Bathtub for a Relaxing Soak

Although many of us are not blessed with spacious bathrooms with a luxurious tub in the middle of it, it doesn’t mean we cannot afford a bathtub at all. Luckily, there are tubs that are specially designed for small bathrooms and fit very well even in the tiniest of spaces. Now you can finally enjoy that so well-deserved chill-out session.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Your Home | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Small bathroom remodel ideas with tub

Choose a Glass Shower Door

Although curtains are pretty much a standard in small bathroom showers, they can create a stuffy and crowded look, especially if they have a busy or colorful design. Instead of going with a shower curtain, consider glass shower doors. They are more expensive than a curtain but they provide so much more value, are more ecological, and help open up the space tremendously.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Your Home | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Bathroom remodel ideas small space: opt for a glass shower door

Make Tile Work to Your Advantage

One of the best bathroom remodeling design ideas for small spaces is to keep the tile look bright and light. Take this bathroom below as an example. It doesn’t get much smaller than this bathroom, yet it still looks functional and stylish. Tile saves the day here, just as glass shower doors make the space look open and easy. Regardless of how small your bathroom is, make sure to use quality, waterproof materials such as ceramic or porcelain tile of a simple design and light colors.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Your Home | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Tiny bathroom remodel design ideas: keep the tile bright

Master Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Looking to remodel your master bathroom, the one, the most important room where your family starts and ends each day? Here are some ideas on how to make it more functional, even more beautiful, and optimize it for more comfort and luxury.

Make it Traditional and Cozy

Your master bathroom is not only the place where you start and end each day, it’s also the place where you seek relaxation and comfort. And not only you but everyone in your family. This is why it is so important to make it comfy, warm, and relaxing. Traditional style cabinetry for maximum storage, two vanities, two sinks, a shower, and a tub, all well-lit, provide the maximum of functionality and comfort a family may need.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Your Home | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Master bathroom design ideas: traditional style

Open Concept Master Bathroom for More Luxury

With sun-filled large windows, floor lighting, a glass-walled shower, whimsical blue tile, floating vanity, and a separate bathtub sitting in the center, this open concept space is what dreams are made of. Even if your bathroom doesn’t have as much square footage like this one, feel free to get inspired and include some of the elements into your own master bathroom design.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Your Home | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Large bathroom design ideas: open concept luxury bathroom

Elevated Vintage Luxury Design

Turn your bathroom into pure glam with a gilded chandelier that highlights luxurious, antique-looking wall tile and marble vanity tops. To add a contemporary touch and balance out the room, incorporate sleek white sinks with streamlined faucets and glass door shower.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Your Home | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Modern master bathroom ideas: go glam!

Marble Wonderland

Can there be a space that makes you feel more sophisticated just by looking at it? This highly glamorous marble master bathroom speaks of utter commitment to luxury and refinement in every single detail. Sleek and polished lines along with stunning marble surfaces make you want to move to this marble wonderland as soon as possible.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Your Home | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Custom master bathroom designs: sleek and stunning marble wonderland

Embrace Bold Movements

Marble bathrooms are all the luxury you need in a master bathroom for an instant glamorous feel and long-lasting value. Whether you’re remodeling your master bathroom for a sale or to live in it for many years to come, consider using bookmatched marble slabs instead of standard tiles. Bold moves with a warm feel will make your bathroom look and feel truly one of a kind.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Your Home | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Master bathroom ideas: bold bookmatched marble movements with a warm feel

Luxury Bathroom Remodel Ideas: Gold Details

Nothing says refinement like touches of gold throughout the bathroom space. To make sure your master bathroom looks absolutely gorgeous, ensure it’s always well lit, free from clutter, especially on vanity tops, clean, and enriched with glamorous details like touches of gold on the mirrors and shower.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Your Home | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Master bathroom remodel ideas 2021: more refinement with touches of gold

Shower Bathroom Remodel Ideas

When remodeling a bathroom, many people opt these days for a walk-in shower instead of a tub. Practical and highly functional, walk-in showers save space and provide a great solution for both small and large bathrooms. They come in a variety of styles and layouts, lighting, and storage. Whether you’re about to remodel a tight bathroom or a spacious master bathroom space, consider a walk-in shower. Attractive and very on-trend, walk-in showers will easily add luxury to your world on an everyday basis.

Here are some shower bathroom remodel ideas that are serious game-changers.

Go with Contrast

Not a fan of too light or too dark spaces? Make a compromise and tie two of your favorite colors together! Marble-looking tile on one wall and floors with darker tile color on the rest of the walls can make such a beautiful and highly effective combo. The dark tile color will make your shower stand out when opposed to a white tiled wall.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Your Home | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Bathroom remodel tile ideas: create a contrast with different tile colors and textures

Maximize Natural Light

If you can, include as much light as possible. Having a window in a bathroom is ideal but having a window in the shower is a dream come true. Besides an abundance of light, a window in your shower will provide perfect ventilation.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Your Home | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Walk-in bathroom shower design with a large window

A Standout Shower Design

Marble tile in this walk-in shower’s walls will draw attention and turn heads easily. Wood-looking floor tile keeps the shower and the rest of the bathroom from appearing too busy. Gold details on the shower enclosed by glass add to the sophisticated and expensive look.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Your Home | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

White marble bathroom with wood-looking floor tile

Marble Walk-In Shower Design

Set apart the shower from the rest of the bathroom with a powerful marble design. An addition of a lit marble seat that floats above the floor creates a true spa feel. This seat can also be a convenient drop zone for shampoo bottles and other accessories.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Your Home | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Shower in the stylish bathroom with marble walls

Increase Air Circulation

Showers are usually enclosed environments and as such, they trap moisture that builds mildew and mold. To avoid relying on exhaust fans that aren’t always effective, consider increasing air circulation at the ceiling level, exposing the space to the natural airflow.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Your Home | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Bathroom shower remodel ideas: increase air circulation

Bathroom Remodel Ideas with Tub

Although the shower is more practical, it can’t compare to a big, soaking tub. Even better, what if you have enough space to include both a tub and a walk-in shower? Then you can have the luxury of choosing your preferences on different days.

Here are some bathroom remodel ideas with tub and shower-tub combo ideas as well.

Go with Bathroom Remodel Ideas for a Colorful Bathtime

Your bath time gets can get much more fun and inspiring with artwork this colorful this close.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Your Home | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Bathroom design ideas with a tub and shower combo

Go Classic with Abundance of Light

This traditionally styled bathroom features a round, soaking tub, with a wood and granite surround. Two large windows right next to it provide plenty of daylight. With cabinets right next to the tub, you can be sure that towels will always be on hand.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Your Home | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Traditional bathroom ideas with tub

Brass for More Sophistication

A lovely bathroom below combines a tub and shower in one for more convenience, while brass details elevate its design to a showstopping level. The materials feature textures that bring warmth and class.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Your Home | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Bathroom design with a tub

Variety of Textures for More Visual Interest

Who says that a small bathroom cannot have a tub? After replacing a shower with a tub, this lovely small bathroom got an amazing upgrade with two different tile colors and patterns — beige herringbone and white subway, along with head-turning marble-looking quartz on the vanity top. A towel rack was replaced with shelves for even more storage.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Your Home | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Shower and tub bathroom design combo

Contemporary Dream

A whole-wall, large window lets plenty of natural light into this neutral, minimalist, and contemporary remodeled space. A warm, comforting, and undisturbed feeling was created thanks to the marble in earthy tones, sleek wood cabinetry, and streamlined, freestanding tub in the center of it all.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Your Home | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Spacious contemporary bathroom design with tub

Guest Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Of all the rooms in a home, a guest bathroom is easiest forgotten. However, it can turn the experience of staying with you and your family significantly, if it’s curated with care and style. Don’t forget, big things come in small packages, and the guest bathroom is just that — a small bathroom that can overflow with style and a welcoming feeling.

Take a look at the two ideas we believe will inspire you to remodel your guest bathroom and make the most of it for your loved ones.

Gold and Marble for a Warm Welcome

Don’t let small square footage discourage you from providing your guests with the best selection of fixtures and materials. Go classic and warm to radiate the best possible welcoming sensation — marble on walls and vanity tops, along with white and gold combinations will make your guests feel like staying in a five-stars hotel. The tub is also there for a relaxing soak.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Your Home | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Guest bathroom design ideas: marble and gold for a five-stars hotel experience

Minimalist White Oasis

If your powder room or guest bathroom has limited square footage, that doesn’t mean that it cannot be done anything about its looks and feel. On the contrary, even with limited square footage and limited budget, you can style it to perfection. Go with white for a minimalist, relaxing feel. A small, single-sink vanity surrounded by white subway tiles and towels for a discrete pop of color kept near will create a perfect welcoming decor your guests need.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Your Home | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Small guest bathroom ideas: keep it light, bright, and minimalist

FAQ on How to Remodel Your Bathroom Easily and On Your Budget

We hope you’re now inspired to remodel your bathroom whatever your square footage, budget, or style is. Options are endless if you know what you need and desire. Now, it’s time to take a look at some of the practical questions about bathroom renovation that will help you plan your remodeling project better.

How much does it usually cost to remodel a bathroom?

According to Angie’s List, bathroom remodels start on a low-end at a minimum of $2,500 and end on high-end at $23,000 and up, which depends on bathroom square footage, layout, and personal preferences. An average bathroom remodels falls anywhere between $9,600 to $11,000. If you buy all of your materials in one bath showroom, you can lower your costs significantly, as many will give you a discount.

What is the average cost to renovate a small bathroom?

Small bathroom remodel can range anywhere from $1,500 up to $15,000 or more. The cost depends on the size of the project — is it a complete overhaul or a focus on only particular areas.

How much does a typical master bathroom remodel cost?

Depending on the size of the remodel project, a master bathroom remodel can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $25,000.

What is the most expensive part of a bathroom remodel?

The most expensive items in a bathroom remodel are changing the bathroom’s layout and replacing the vanity. Tile work and plumbing are also two of the most expensive items you should be prepared for.

What are the bathroom trends for 2021?

Floating vanities, quartz vanity tops, and large-format tiles.

What colors are trending for bathrooms?

Bathroom trending colors in 2021 are bright white, soft white, taupe, soft gray, and charcoal. But all colors you love are allowed if you create an effective combination you enjoy. If you’re remodeling a bathroom for sales, go with the trendy classics listed above.

What’s trending in bathroom vanities?

Minimalist style with real marble tops or marble-looking quartz vanity tops, wood vanities, and open shelves, as well as floating vanities.

Are bathtubs going out of style?

Tubs are a classic that, if enjoyed and preferred, doesn’t have an alternative and cannot go out of style. However, freestanding tubs are a trend that may soon go out of style because they are less practical. If you have a large bathroom and don’t worry about a lack of space, then this trend is right for you. Just make sure to reinforce the floor underneath the freestanding tub because these tubs are usually very heavy.

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