2023 Kitchen Trends Your Home Needs

2023 kitchen trends are all about sustainable designs and improved functionality. While the trends of the previous year and kitchen trends 2021 were focused more on appearance and style improvements, 2023 is big on storage, smart appliances, innovative fixtures, and upgraded technology updates. However, the year ahead of us will certainly continue to build on the momentum from the last year — creative pops of color on organic designs, all shades of green, increased and hidden storage space, natural materials like wood and stone, frameless doors, statement hoods, slab backsplashes, and cozy cottage style in general.

The pandemic helped us appreciate our homes more — we work from home, homeschool or school online, cook all three meals a day, have meals together, watch television, play board games, zoom, and all mainly from the kitchen. This lifestyle requires a multifaceted kitchen space that will meet any need you or any member of your family happen to have. So, if you haven’t already, during the year 2022, improved your kitchen to be everything you want, this kitchen trends 2023 guide will help you decide on the upgrades to implement in the year ahead.

Hottest 2023 Kitchen Trends You Actually Need

While hopping on the latest trends is not always the smartest idea because implementing some of them can be unsustainable, unfeasible in the financial sense, and illogical when it comes to the overall style of your place, you should definitely keep up to be able to discover new trends that can actually improve not just your kitchen but your everyday life.

Smart Appliances

2023 new kitchen design trends bring many opportunities to make your kitchen space more functional and effective — ovens that can adjust the temperature by themselves, preheating before you get home, timers that alert you when needed wherever you are, refrigerators able to order your shopping lists, smart taps that can dispense boiling or chilled water, etc. Just imagine how much time you can save with these cutting-edge technology improvements. When deciding on the technology trends to implement during 2023 in your kitchen space, think about what you actually need and only go for the trends you will actually use. Avoid spending money on appliances and features that won’t change your life for the better.

2023 Kitchen Trends Your Home Needs | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Smart kitchen appliances trends in 2023. Image source: Pexels

Personalized Spaces

When you decide on the best appliances to use in 2023, pay attention to the latest trends in kitchen design and style. Personalized spaces that show history and tell stories about our families are always the right choice. And while ultramodern, sleek lines are welcome, many families in the U.S. are choosing cozy, comfortable, colorful, and unique designs in the kitchen and the rest of the homes. At the same time, people are turning away from the big-box home improvement stores and toward local suppliers to add both character and functionality to their kitchens.

2023 Kitchen Trends Your Home Needs | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Personalized kitchens are the most important trend in 2023. Image source: Pexels

If you’re thinking of improving your kitchen space or rebuilding it from scratch, pay attention to these future trends in kitchen design.

What Is The Next Trend in Kitchen Cabinets

What’s new in kitchen cabinets?

Wood and White Tones

According to the NKBA, wood, and white tones continue to be among the most popular combinations in kitchen cabinets as hues that make the very foundation of the organic style. At the same time, NKBA reports that painted wood is still the most popular kitchen cabinetry choice, while kitchen designers praise wood grain, especially medium and light tones.

2023 Kitchen Trends Your Home Needs | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Wood and white kitchen cabinetry trend. Photo source: Unsplash

Frameless Door Style

Regarding cabinet door style, frameless, clean cabinetry doors that can open simply on touch are gaining momentum in 2023. The trend of simple kitchen design opens up opportunities for building hidden pantries and doorways, as well as secret rooms.

2023 Kitchen Trends Your Home Needs | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Frameless kitchen cabinet door style. Photo source: Pexels

All Shades of Green

When it comes to kitchen cabinet color trends 2023, except for wood and white tones, we can say with certainty that there is a green renaissance on the way. From soft shades of green to guacamole green, morning dew, and Fernwood green, this color is one of the current kitchen styles loved by many homeowners. Far from a new fad, green came into our kitchens during the late ’60s and ’70s of the 20th century when environmental movements were just starting; while the ’90s were about saving rainforests, the 2000s are all about climate change and environmental preservation. On the other hand, green symbolizes growth, rejuvenation, and rebirth, bringing comfort and tranquility, while also being one of the most versatile colors suitable for any kitchen element.

2023 Kitchen Trends Your Home Needs | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Green kitchen cabinets 2023 trend. Photo source: Unsplash

You can go green with your cabinets but also with your kitchen walls. Green is one of the greatest 2023 kitchen trends everyone will love if they didn’t fall in love by now. Any shade of green you may choose will bring great amounts of restorative energy we all need.

Kitchen Backsplash Trends 2023

According to HGTV, slab backsplashes will be one of the most desirable upcoming kitchen trends during 2023.

As much as we love tile and deem traditional tile kitchen backsplash as a timeless staple in any kitchen design, slab backsplashes are one of the latest trends in kitchen design that are big in 2023, even more than during the last year. Being busy and swamped with many activities during the day, homeowners continue to discover more ways to save time, avoid unnecessary maintenance, and bring more beauty to their kitchens. Slab backsplash is a creative solution to all of these issues homeowners usually have in the kitchen.

2023 Kitchen Trends Your Home Needs | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Tuscan Dawn Caesarstone Quartz Backsplash

While traditional tiles come in a variety of finishes that may be challenging to clean, slab backslashes are usually made of polished quartz and their surface is very easy to clean. Also, there is no grout to clean! Yaaay!

If you’re still big on white cabinets but you want to spice things up a little bit and get rid of the old, boring, and unfashionable backsplash, you may want to explore what are the new kitchen backsplash ideas for white cabinets. You’ll be delighted with many affordable and very stylish options.

Slab backsplashes come in clean, simple designs but also marble-looking, featuring bold veining and shades that imitate natural surfaces quite successfully. Opting for slab backsplashes, you’re able to turn up the wall and match your veining to perfection. Also, you can create a stunning continuity from kitchen perimeter countertops and island tops to the wall surface. Slab backsplash gives a glam, modern, and clean look that can look very unique, and this is the main reason why it will be one of the most popular 2023 kitchen trends.

Kitchen Island Trends 2023

Oversized islands are going to be a big style statement in 2023. Similar to slab backsplashes, veining-centric waterfall islands are one of the hottest 2023 kitchen trends. Tying countertops and backsplash to your kitchen island is even easier and so much more stylish with a waterfall island.

If you want to make a statement with a unique island design and create a head-turning kitchen decor, consider adding a waterfall island instead of a classic one. Custom kitchen island designs such as this will make your kitchen feel modern, attractive, and luxurious. For the most effective results, choose materials like quartz, especially marble-looking quartz, real marble, or quartzite for your waterfall kitchen island.

2023 Kitchen Trends Your Home Needs | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Cloudburst Concrete Caesarstone Quartz Waterfall Island

Custom kitchen islands can take the spotlight in your kitchen easily while performing like a real workhorse, making everything, from prepping food and serving to playing board games and having coffee with your friends and family, happen. Use the opportunity to make your kitchen island truly yours and customize it to your needs and wishes.

Stylish Storage Space Trends 2023

Always essential in any kitchen space, regardless of the current trends, the importance of storage continues to grow over the years. As we acquire more gadgets and various utensils, we need more and more storage space, especially so during the last two years. The pandemic put us in our homes, especially in our kitchens which we now use as multi-purpose rooms, where we have stocked up on multiple cupboard essentials. Now, organizing these is one of the more challenging tasks we are faced with. After all, we don’t want clutter in the room we use the most.

2023 Kitchen Trends Your Home Needs | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Kitchen pantry trends

From decorative wicker baskets, and practical and affordable large jars, to enclosing appliances into drawers, storage may take different shapes and sizes. However, make sure to choose a storage option that is functional. Clutter can pile up on your countertops easily and you won’t even notice it until one day you’ll lack space to do even some of the simplest tasks in the kitchen. This is high time to plan your kitchen storage and effectively organize your utilities and essentials using kitchen remodel ideas on a budget. With affordable ideas, you can also make sure your new kitchen cabinet storage is stylish. Built-in storage, walk-in pantries, secret wine rooms, and handless drawers are all the rage in 2023.

Farmhouse Cottage Style Kitchens Trend 2023

During the coronavirus period, we spent more time in our kitchens than ever. And the habit continued even after the pandemic passed. That period showed us where is our true sanctuary and safe space. So the kitchen is not anymore a room where we just come and go; instead, we stay and do so much more than simply cooking, serving, eating, and cleaning — we hang out, work, relax, read, watch TV, socialize, and more. And, we require a cozy, soothing space with a lived-in feel that will make us want to stay in it even longer.

This is why the farmhouse cottage style is making a big comeback and will be one of the most important 2023 kitchen trends.

2023 Kitchen Trends Your Home Needs | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

Modern farmhouse kitchen in Brooklyn, NYC. Photo source: Unsplash

If you live in an older, historic home, a farmhouse, a cottage-style kitchen will come naturally and logically to you. After all, this kitchen style trend practically defines older homes. However, lately, we put much more thought into how we live and reconsider our habits and ways.

Many of us moved to the rural areas and older houses and now we’re presented with a challenge to remodel our new homes and kitchens in accordance with our new way of life. If you’re lucky, you’re going to simply remodel an existing cottage kitchen and feel honored for a chance to bring a new life into an old cottage kitchen and preserve a piece of history. If you’re even luckier, you’ll have a chance to create a cozy, soothing cottage kitchen to your preference.

The relaxed but highly stylish farmhouse vibe and details are more popular than ever. One of the greatest things about it is that it doesn’t have to be traditional or look overly decorative. Modern farmhouse kitchens adapt to your home and your style and can look even modern. There are more farmhouse kitchen ideas than you can imagine, so be sure to explore them to be sure which trend and style is right for you.

Ambient Lighting

The quality of lighting makes a big difference in any home. As soon as we improve lighting, we are immediately able to see the difference and all the benefits of the new lamps and bulbs.

Accent lighting was one of the great 2021 kitchen trends but now, people insist on it even more. In 2023, kitchen designers predict homeowners will use small table lamps on countertops more often, as well as warm LED bulbs.

Ambient lighting will be a major 2023 kitchen trend, while lighting dimmers, motion-sensing lighting, and app- and voice-controlled lighting will also be a huge hit.

2023 Kitchen Trends Your Home Needs | Home Art Tile Kitchen and Bath

The third mood from the series CGI – LUXURY KITCHEN, Photo source Unsplash

Since the kitchen is a room where we conduct various tasks, multiple sources of light, hardwired or plugged-in, will be very important in the upcoming year.

When it comes to the style of the lighting in 2023, white, gold, and black finishes will be very desirable, lending glam and sophistication to any kitchen.

Kitchen Trends in 2023 FAQ

  • What kitchen trends are going out of style 2023?

All-white kitchens, upper cabinets, busy and herringbone backsplashes, appliances above the cooking range, and cold and nonpersonal ultra-modern, minimalist kitchen designs are some of the trends that should be avoided in 2023. However, besides avoiding simplified design, some of the traditional trends are also falling out of favor with American homeowners. For example, classic, busy farmhouse kitchens, granite countertops, and kitchens made only for cooking without a serving area should be avoided in 2023 as well.

  • What is the trend for kitchen cabinets in 2023?

Dark wood, rustic wood look, glass panel cabinetry, two-tone cabinet kitchens, personalized details, bold accent colors, mixed materials, and warm accents for a greater luxury feel are some of the best trends for kitchen cabinets in 2023. When it comes to the most popular kitchen cabinet colors, those that dominate 2023 kitchens are combinations of white and wood, black and white, greige tones, and marine blue. Unique hardware will give a final and highly personalized touch to any cabinet color or design.

  • What is the most popular kitchen style now?

Contemporary with a classic twist is the most popular kitchen style now. This means that both modern and traditional styles are popular but modern homeowners search for innovative and creative ways to personalize and make their kitchens unique. Combining modern and traditional doesn’t necessarily need to mean transitional. It is possible to create a kitchen that is more modern or more traditional with a balance that is right for specific homeowners.

  • What color kitchen cabinets never go out of style?

Kitchen cabinet colors that will never go out of style are neutral paint colors like all shades and tones of white, beige, greige, and gray. Strong, accent colors like black and navy blue continually keep holding the spot of the most popular cabinet colors for these homeowners who don’t afraid to create contrasts. Dual-tone kitchen cabinets or two-toned cabinetry is an evergreen trend that brings neutrals and accent colors together, with strong colors usually chosen for base cabinets and neutrals placed on upper cabinets.

  • What color kitchens will be popular for 2023?

Treating our kitchens as the sanctuaries they are, we keep trying to create a welcoming, cozy, relaxing, and comfortable feel in them. To do that, we use specific kitchen colors. In 2023, popular kitchen colors are luxurious neutrals like greige, white, and cream. These colors are seen as perfect neutrals and perfect canvases with high potential for creating highly personalized kitchen decors.

Dress Your Kitchen in 2023 Kitchen Trends With Us

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